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Student,Targets Business Prostitution on Facebook

Student, Targets Business Prostitution on Facebook  
This business is considered to be practical and considered safe because it is far from police radar. Thursday, January 20, 2011, 07:07 GMT
[SRN] Business prostitution through online or social networking sites like Facebook and Friendster, is still a business mengiurkan for cyber criminals. This method recognized many perpetrators can make profits much. Another reason for the practical and considered safe because it is far from police radar.
Head of Public Relations Jakarta Police Commissioner Baharudin Djafar asserted, rampant prostitution business online through social networking sites, no matter how practical work with large turnover and do not need to pay for a woman to a man peddling a philanderer.
"Obviously these considerations, making it promising business for the perpetrators. So, no longer offering prostitution services with conventional ways," he said.
According to anticipate and to dismantle them, the police continue to conduct cyber patrol. "We now have a special team to track down cyber patrol online crimes including prostitution online," he added.
In addition to patrolling, the police also took a related party disclosures of cases of prostitution to help online through social networking.
"We have the guidance of the community (Binmas) that directly go to the field and monitor the situation in society," he explained.
At present, he added, the most important thing is how do the prevention of the emergence of online prostitution business in society. Many victims are offered the perpetrators, because of forced selling themselves on economic grounds.
"So this is indeed a social problem of society that is poverty," he said.
Students SMP So Target
Chairman of the National Commission for Child Protection Aries Merdeka Sirait said the police should be sensitive in investigating cases of online prostitution. Many female students of junior high school became a prime target for perpetrators of illegitimate business it sold.
"The perpetrator chose junior high school students because it is easily persuaded. Promise sweet with a lot of money quite powerful," he said.
According to Aries, there is a big syndicate sales of minors in online prostitution. From some cases, almost any network and with a pattern similar business.
Previously, the Central Jakarta Police arrested a recidivist who had the initials DD child trafficking for sexual commodities through a social networking site Facebook.
East Jakarta Police, Adj Reskrim, AKBP Yoyon Toni Son explained, the results of DD perpetrators claim to have undergone sex trade business minors for two years. Already dozens of victims.
"The suspect did business through social networks like facebook. Subscribers then contact and do the bidding price. After the match, the suspect sent ABG to the buyer at an agreed address," he said.
Arrest the suspect began after it received reports of seven children under the age of the victim. On the basis of the report, officers later arrested a suspect in the district of Manggarai, South Jakarta.
"The suspect after two years of doing business," he said.
In addition to capturing DD, police also secured a man's initials johns caught in the middle of Al that sexual intercourse with one of the teenagers who sold the suspect in one room apartments in the area of Kemayoran, Central Jakarta.
When checked, Al claims paid Rp2 million to have sex with one teenager who sold the suspect.
This case adds a long record of prostitution online through social networking sites, a few months ago, the Directorate of Criminal Investigation Special Polda Metro Jaya also never dismantle online prostitution rings that use social networking sites such as, and www.
Police arrested two perpetrators, alias Wayan Wens Velerius Robby Valerian as the manager of the website and a woman named Wida Martini aka Ami as pimps.
The site has been there since 2008. In fact, turnover alone reached hundreds of millions of dollars each month.
In addition, the Polda Metro Jaya has also been arrested a perpetrator of fraud who presents prostitution services online. Actors who initials IR aka S, 25 years old. Actor arrested for offering online services through the site prostotusi.
Actors arrested in Meruya, Kembangan, West Jakarta. Perpetrator actually only pretending to offer comfort women, the article itself only perpetrators of fraud.

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