Monday, September 27, 2010

Warning over rising tourist road deaths

Warning over rising tourist road deaths

Traffic chaos in Delhi. File photo Tourists are vulnerable because of differences in road user culture around the world, the report says
The international tourism industry is being urged to do more to protect tourists from the risk of death and injury on the roads.
A report from the Make Roads Safe Campaign and the FIA Foundation warns that tourist deaths on the roads could almost double in the next 10 years.
Currently, some 25,000 tourists die on the roads around the world every year.
The report says tourists are vulnerable because of differences in road user culture in medium or high-risk nations.
It warns that worldwide tourist deaths on the roads could nearly double to 45,000 by 2020 and triple in number by 2030.
The document - released on World Tourism Day - points out that many medium- or high-risk countries are popular holiday destinations, and tourists may take risks themselves that they would not at home - such as hiring motorbikes without a helmet.
The road safety campaigners want tour operators to use their economic position to demand improvements - such as requiring all taxis to have working seat belts and trained drivers.
They also say there should be an international charter mark for safe and well-managed road transport to encourage good performance.

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