Monday, May 23, 2011

Amdocs Alert !

Sudah Lama Indonesia Dimata-matai Asing Lewat Strategi Pintu BelakangNoorsy / IST

AMDOCS alleged involvement in the tendering process development Customer Relationship Management (CRM) Telkomsel valued at Rp 1.8 trillion being debated in society and also among representatives of the people in Senayan.
They worry that if the CRM project SingTel fell into the hands of AMDOCS to threaten and endanger the security and defense aspects of Indonesia. Given AMDOCS will have the ability to access all of Telkomsel's subscriber number reached 100 million and include key government officials and influential national figures.
In response, economists, Ichsanuddin Noorsy said that the main problem is the companies in this country will always use information technology from the outside. So the problem, not at AMDOCS, but all foreign companies that have intervened in this state enterprises.
According Noorsy, the Indonesian nation has too let foreigners to build networks in the country. Noorsy also said that foreigners have long used the strategy of back door for spying on Indonesia through the doors of information and telecommunications.
"Mental government and our corporations are mentally colonized, so that we are vulnerable to interference and spied upon," said Noorsy to the Rakyat Merdeka Online, Sunday night (22 / 5)
In case the tender CRM Telkomsel, Noorsy increasingly convinced that systemic colonization in Indonesia, foreign conducted through various doors, including IT, is very strong

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