Friday, June 17, 2011

6 Tips For Facebook Not Ruin Your Marriage

6 Tips For Facebook Not Ruin Your Marriage
The threat of marriage now is not only coming from the third person. Facebook, the popular social networking use can also be a threat to marriage if you forget some of the following signs.
Ten years ago probably did not think the Internet can ruin a marriage. But now, facebook and other social networking has also been quietly storing threats that could disrupt your wedding.
Indeed not a few of the benefits of socializing at these social networking. There is a soul mate, a business, to meet old friends. There is nothing wrong with the active on facebook. But for married couples should consider these five signs as quoted ezine.
1. In order to reduce suspicion, there's no harm in telling you the password and user name to the couple. Especially if it is asked by the couple. If you object to this, it means there is something wrong with your facebook.
2. Think carefully before changing your profile picture on facebook. As a married person make sure the photo you are installing do not offend or make your partner angry. If your spouse does not like to spit sexy photos, you should avoid installing such photographs. If you do not mind, put it together with your photo as a profile picture could also be one way to please your partner while reducing the 'risk' temptation in facebook.
3. Do not accept friend requests from people you do not know, especially the opposite sex. Lots of information about yourself on facebook, make sure you know anyone who can access information about you. Restrict persons unknown could also reduce the temptation to flirt with people who are not clear.
4. If you still harbor feelings of both love and injuries to the ex-girlfriend, you should not enter them on your friends list. Latest updates about those who appear on the wall you can make sense of the stored was never lost. Full selection of friends on facebook is your powers fully. No need to feel bad to reject the request because you are the one who determines your comfort interacting on facebook.
5. Do not indulgence in secret or information that you do not tell your partner. Your spouse is generally felt as the people who know best or your first place to tell stories. For important news or anything that is confidential, you should first tell your partner if you intend to publish it on facebook. The couple will certainly be offended or feel are not considered in your life if he does not know in advance the important things.
6. Avoid facebook status that is too open marriage secret. Once in a while could not hurt to tell about the surprise given by a spouse or a travel story you both. But not too often because it will make others annoyed.
Recognize the things that you should not disseminate on Facebook. Bad pairs, the story quarrel, or family problems are the things that should not decorate your facebook status.
Facebook is a site that is useful if used correctly. So, do not forget to do things above so that your marriage is not shaken just because of the sheer facebook.

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