Friday, June 10, 2011

Avoid Traffic Jams, China Entrepreneur Riding the Horse

China Entrepreneur

Avoid Traffic Jams, Entrepreneur Riding the HorseLuxury cars left in his home garage. A businessman properties in the city Xianyang, China, chose to leave his luxury cars in the garage and ride a horse to go to the office. This he did because he was fed up with the increasingly severe congestion from day to day.
Reporting from the pages of The Telegraph, Thursday, June 9, 2011, Yanqing He left early in the morning with his black horse to his office. Accompanied by his secretary, who also rode, He uses the bike path and managed to save up to 20-40 minutes.
"Riding to work a lot of benefits. Making us healthy, have high levels of carbon dioxide emissions a little, avoid jams, do not pay parking, free tickets, and my horse does not need to be serviced like a car," said He.
Horses are bought with a price of about 2000 pounds (Rp27 million) and to feed a horse, he spent the cost of 50 pounds (Rp689 thousand) per month. He refused to boast only with riding a horse in the city, he stressed the reason for avoiding congestion.
Like most cities in China, Xianyang was trying to unravel the jam. One possible cause is the increasing number of people who buy a car. This city government noted the purchase of cars increased tenfold, from 2000 up to 428,000 cars this year alone. Every day, 200 cars sold.
He said it will not stop riding. Going forward, he actually will contribute to making a special track riding. "My dream is to raise money to finance the government built equestrian path that connects the Xianyang and Xi'an," he said.

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