Thursday, June 2, 2011

Mummy Clock

 Mummy Clock
Made from iron used material, combine with ancient clock, body from Peko Military dringking iron botel. The lamp for the head completed by dimmer and on/ off electrical switch. Very fancy for the Hallowen gift.

Anti-stolen Bicycle
Bicycles can not be stolen, with a "fingerprint reader" that only allows the owner to ride it. These tires will never Bengkong. This futuristic-looking bike designed by Olympic cyclist Chris Boardman remove many reasons for people to tidakmenggunakan to have a bike, but the price of this beautiful bike for about $ 4,000. Currently only a concept, and Boardman expect the next 2 decades this bike will be out on the market.


Vintage Lamp 
Made from stainless steel, and brass.
High 53cm, diameter stand 44cm, weight 1750gr.
On off switch and dimmer switch, 220 volt.
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