Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Cristal From Trash

Cristal from trash
originated from garbage.

Everyone already knows that the goods are made of crystals must be expensive, for those with money do not matter. Continue for those who are not rich what is the solution.
Sensatiocraft been making crystal and very cheap price may be only 10% of the price of the original crystal, wow!
95 cm tall chandelier, crystal lamp shade with a 27x27cm size, very cheap only US40.
Maybe you never imagined when the lamp is made from mineral water bottles used. Right!. Sensatiocraft scavenged bottles bottles scattered around us, a small little cut, heated and strung lights be like this.
Sensatiocraft try to give a touch of art and maintain its products with a design professional. So that they forget that the goods actually originated from garbage.

Sensatiocraft try to give a solution for the scavengers to not sell bottles bottles for granted, in order to add value. If the bottle is empowered and the people who care about the environment take care, certainly not difficult to make crafts from
goods used goods into a professional production, like the word like a factory.
Indeed there are still many obstacles, such as our own society who are still proud of its goods abroad, but it's wrong. We developed nation that uses its own products.
Let us now raised, we take a moment, and let's sacrifice a moment for him, make our nation proud, if only household appliance why we have to buy imported goods.


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