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10 Share Tips Investment Billionaire 2012 (I)

Investment in 2012 is estimated not as easy in 2011.

Investment conditions in 2012 is estimated to be more difficult than this year (REUTERS / Brendan McDermid)

 A number of investors assess investments in 2012 will not be as easy this year. However, some investors sought to break out from the crowd of investors to invest boldly in the next year.

As quoted from page businessinsider.com, as many as 10 billionaires of the world providing advice on investment opportunities in challenging it.

For the billionaire, the conditions Europeans will likely be worse off, while hedge funds are considered too dangerous. The investor also considers the U.S. dollar is still the safest investment tool in the world.

Here are the suggestions of the 10 billionaires on the world of investment opportunity next year if they have a fund of U.S. $ 1 million:

1. Eli Broad

The figure is well-known billionaire when he started the business of housing and end up with buying and selling an insurance company. The most memorable of the Eli Broad is a company founded Sun Life Insurance Co. of America Inc. to AIG worth U.S. $ 18 billion in 1999.

Investment advice:
For Eli Broad, he chose to invest in quality multinational consumer companies like Procter & Gamble Co., Coca-Cola Co., Kraft Foods Inc., and Johnson & Johnson.

Interesting news:
Eli thinks the U.S. dollar will remain strong, while the euro would not be interesting in 2012. Meanwhile, for hedge funds, he chose the institution that has a long track record of good.

2. Patrick Soon-Shiong

Soon-Shiong is the first person to hold a pancreas transplant at UCLA medical school in 1991. Subsequently, he founded Vivo RX Pharmaceuticals and became one of the creators treatment of breast cancer, Abraxane.

Now he owns shares in 30 companies and majority shareholder of the LA Lakers.

Investment advice:
The important thing now is not losing money.

Interesting news:
Gold, whether viewed from the side of the bubble and the enigma (confusing), the commodity is still a chance.

3. Peter Hargreaves

Hargreaves has a 32.2 percent stake in Britain's biggest retailer, Hargreaves Landsown Plc. He is one of the founders of the company in 1981. Currently, Hargreaves has 388 clients and manages U.S. $ 35.7 billion.

Investment advice:
Half of the funds will be invested in the Norwegian currency, the Krone. The other half in the form of the Singapore dollar.

Meanwhile, for fixed income investments, Hargreaves has German bonds to be played when the euro exchange rate is in trouble.

4. Randall J Kirk

Kirk founded Third Security LLC, a biotechnology company that generates big money for him. In 2007, Kirk scored its biggest transaction to sell New River Pharmaceuticals for U.S. $ 2.6 billion. Outside of the deal, he gets U.S. $ 1.2 billion.

Interesting news:
Is Kirk going to buy shares of IT companies in the secondary market prior to removing the stock to the public? "Only if the company was willing to participate as an evaluator of Keynsian beauty contest."

5. Mikhail Prokhorov

Prokhorov is known as the owner of the basketball club, the New Jersey Nets. He was known to have a 25 percent stake OAO GMK Norilsk Nickel, which is the world's largest nickel producer.Shares were worth U.S. $ 5 billion.
Investment advice:
Three indicators that affect investment decisions? Data about the German IFO business is the best hope for world manufacturing industry. U.S. data is a pointer consumer confidence U.S. society. China's manufacturing index is very nice to see China's economic growth and exports.
In developing countries, inflation, budget deficits, and the index of production and retail sales growth is the key. (Art)

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