Tuesday, September 28, 2010

British Police "Catch" Hyundai

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LONDON, KOMPAS.com - UK Police Department decided to choose the Hyundai as a brand of automobile operations. This option is taken by various considerations, ranging from quality, price, operational costs until the discussion on post-sale 2 years.
For Hyundai, this is clearly a profitable business opportunities. Because, the police allowed to purchase a vehicle following operations van totaled 7800 units annually.
"Anyone in buying a car need to be sure they will get the best package that can be had from the amount of money spent," said Tony Whitehorn, managing director of Hyundai UK.
This decision as well as boost Hyundai's image in the minds of consumers, especially in Britain and continental Europe, generally. "This is true at all, let alone the people you're using tax dollars to buy thousands of units of the car. Quality, recovery, post-sale price and successfully demonstrated the ability of Hyundai," chirped Tony.
According to Hyundai, are several models that many bought the British Police is i20, i30, ix35, Santa Fe and iLoad. There has been no official information related to the sale of Hyundai will be obtained from this tender, but the amount is not small. That's for sure!

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