Sunday, June 19, 2011

David Berman Admire "Economicology" Singgih KartonoDavid Berman Admire "Economicology" Singgih Kartono

David Berman Kagumi “Economicology” Singgih Kartono
David Berman Admire "Economicology" Singgih Kartono
In the program Do Good Indonesia to Yogyakarta, we took time to make the agenda of visiting Singgih Kartono Susilo, the creator of the plume's Magno Radio. Travel Jogja-Waterford solid passable and arrived just in time for lunch. We headed Kandangan village where Magno Radio "with spe-culture". In the village at the foot of the mountain cleft Kandangan that this cool Singgih Susilo Kartono unpretentious building infrastructure, a modest residence and place of manufacture of Magno Radio we can not call the factory. Magno Radio From This village prepared to fill orders from around the world.
Is Singgih Kartono product designer by training who decided to "jump back" to the village where he grew up. Through a series of observations which melatarinya, how productive rural character has shifted to the consumer and the city a magnet that makes the village lost its soul. Armed with the experience and knowledge, plus the appreciation that was obtained by Radio Magno, Singgih developed the idea of ​​technology-intensive and labor intensive that synergized in the laboratory Magno.
David Berman who Begawan it to absorb more information and a trace Singgih presentations and detailed about his ideas on Economicology, how important ecological role in fostering a sustainable economy. As like a field trip, Singgih start of the nursery timber periodically grown in his village at the foot of the mountain cleft, or given freely to villagers who are interested in cultivating their land. This tree, will become a buffer of land and water at once can be used with the correct pattern.
Singgih underlines how products are created due to maximization of minimum-sized design and function is more important than a great product with a lot of use of wood materials. With this pattern will save timber resources which is predicted to acquire it later will be difficult because the tree growth is very slow. "Cut less plant more" is the principle used Singgih. Singgih also mentions his work as a progressive future product, not just in design and marketing, but also about the continuity that does not exploit the natural resources and environment. therefore a product should be thinking about the possibilities the future holds for its existence.
David Berman increasingly "in love" when he saw the work process in such a detailed and neat. Sophisticated machinery and equipment is used to support the quality and accuracy of the design until the error can be minimized, but the human resources that operate and use must be "sophisticated" as well. Questioning is Singgih reveal how employees received are those who do not have expertise about the wood or design, but is ready to receive the learning that starts from the attitude and discipline. Cultures were grown as a work ethic at the headquarters of Radio Magno indeed quite remarkable. A matter of leadership, teamwork, and supporting other work always honed in a democratic regular meetings.
When entering the final part of this visit, we sat in a table where a whole series of Singgih explain this as a process and principle Magno Radio. At the end of the exposure of David Berman greeted Singgih and expressed his appreciation for the efforts of a high "do good" he had done. In fact, Berman asserts he is ready to help Singgih to create a "school" for the villagers to discover their exact values ​​in propelling the economy in his village. Soon that afternoon into the evening of emotion, full of values ​​and modesty.
The afternoon has been lost that night we changed back to Yogyakarta with a full range of images of works of children nation-wide. A Singgih Kartono the designers had made his village, Kandangan and his city, Waterford becomes an important point on the world map. Magno ordered from around the world directly to the village through a familiar technology we call email. Kandangan Magno radio is now in the world of design boutiques, at London's Design Museum, also at MoMA New York Shop. Awards received: Good Design - Japan 2008, Asia Hong Kong Design Award-DFA Grand Award, and many others and did not make Singgih stop dreaming about building a miniature of a country named village. Our images are also hovering just how much of an impact due to the spirit of design thinking and do good. David Berman, Singgih Kartono and of course we all still learn from each other about it, and never stopped.


Photo: Ayip + Enrico Halim