Thursday, September 23, 2010

Cat Clock in Many Style

Sensatiocraft care about the environment, humans do not realize that actually buy the goods that already he has, for example mobile phones, television, cars, computers, a lot of features that he bought that he was not needed. While manufacturers continue to produce goods that sometimes the same function, only with added some features that are not necessary. We are not aware that we are in fact economically colonized.Sensatiocraft trying to redesign, old stuff, displaying in a newer model, without having to buy new stuff. Remember the plastic need 100 years to degrade in the soil!

Cat  clock is very friendly products, the example of recycle product , very imaginative can comfort us with his style, making us do not get bored with just looking at a clock table. Cat clock joke and willing to take us every part of his body removed, spliced and reassembled, to satisfy the owner.

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