Thursday, September 30, 2010

Facebook Boss Still in Rental Homes

Boss up Mark Zuckerberg, The house is still rent. 
It's so simple figure for young people who have a wealth of $ 6.9 Billion, look at Mark's modest appearance, often the CEO up was seen using a plain shirt and jeans everywhere. 
Lihatlah perabot rumah makan dan dapur rumah kontrakan Mark, sederhana untuk ukuran Milyader sepertinya

 Even in the postings previous Mark also was known to have a girlfriend who sedernaha also looks a medical student named Priscilla Chan, whereas if only Mark would a girl as beautiful as a photo model world was he could get, but Mark seems more to see a woman not from the physical side of beauty in general.Look at the restaurant and kitchen furniture rented house Mark, it seems simple to size billionaireIn Oprah Winfrey's recent balum where Mark Zuckerberg is present as a guest on his life by Oprah peeled revealed several unique and interesting things from Mark himself one of them turns out that didiaminnya home today and that will later use if already married with his girlfriend Miss Chan was still a rented house.When viewed from a rented house rumahpun Mark relatively simple to measure a world-class millionaires like himself, as quoted from LifeJournal mention wealth boss up is still bigger than Apple Inc. boss Steve Jobs, where Mark was rated the richest 35 people in America. Incredibly, young men who have strong financial capability but able to resist the temptation to show off what he had.Harvard medical student with his girlfriend Priscilla Chan of Chinese originHarvard medical student with his girlfriend Priscilla Chan of Chinese originStill in the Oprah show, Mark Zuckerberg is committed to helping a number of funds intended for schools that is being repaired in the U.S., the amount of aid donated to the school improvement reaches up to $ 100 million or equivalent to Rp 900 billion, imagine the money for it if you want marks can buy mansions in Beverly Hill or other luxurious places, but he would prefer to stay at home rented. 
Rumah yang didiami Bos Facebook yang milyader ini ternyata masih mengontrakThe house is inhabited up the billionaire boss is still contractedThe figure of the founder of facebook This reminds us of a proverb, increasingly contain more and ducked rice seeds, a very rare figure of an age now where people are generally measured by the number of degrees of wealth and lifestyle you have, we see how many people memkasakan themselves to acquire a luxury lifestyle while although this should be done by selling debt or corruption even self-esteem. Salute to boss up on this oneLabels: Celebs

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