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It turns out James Bond character is in the Real WorldNews

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It turns out James Bond character is in the Real WorldNews
British intelligence M16 for the first time released a historical book that reveals the truth of the mission that made James Bond, agent which is known only on the big screen and novels.
This book is written in Keith Jeffery, a professor of history from Queen's University in Belfast. To compile this book, Keith granted access by the M16 to browse the archives of Bond, since 1909 until the beginning of the Cold War 1949.
In the story went, Bond's mission to blow up the ships and into a nest of Nazi who was master of Europe and the Soviet Union. Of course the action was carried out with sophisticated intelligence equipment in his day.
The book also reveals for the first time that the famous British author Graham Greene, W. Somerset Muagham, and Arthur Ransome, it is an M16 agent.
Keith said, he had access to the archive storage khsusus intelligence. Those records contain intelligence mission that has not been previously disclosed to the public.
"(Missions) was serendipitous. As if in enemy territory, but like to put agents in a foreign country alone," Keith said at the launch of the book 810 pages thick M16 at the Foreign and Commonwealth Office in London.
One agent, Bill 'Biffy' Dunderdale, a close friend of Ian Fleming, author of the novels of James Bond. Beautiful women and fast cars was used as a model for agent 007 in carrying out its mission.
Jeffery said, agents have the right to kill one of which later become the title of a Bond film Licence to Kill. Revealed, the agents involved in the illegal killing of at least two people in its mission.
The agents also conduct bombing of five ships in the mission 'Operation Embrarass', a campaign to break the spirit of Jewish refugees who want to Palestine, wilayan that when it became the British colony.
M16 is also involved in espionage to the United States and the 'Free France' which tells of the heroic resistance Charles de Gaulle in World War II.

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