Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Broken Head Saw Crop Circle

Crop circle victim
Yogya Crop Circle
Broken head saw crop circle  
Crop circle is not a new phenomenon in this world, but this is the first in Indonesia, so it is not weird and do not be surprised if these students eventually have trouble just because you want to see the crop circle. To see  crop circle in Yogyakarta is necessary climb hill high enough to be seen perfectly. By the time students were already on top of a hill and suddenly there is thunder, he was startled and fell down about about 15 meters tall. His wound is severe enough for a rock hit his head on the bottom of a ravine, and burst. Jump died instantly. Crop circles in Yogyakarta if observed are not so neat is not as common in the UK, but since it was the first in Indonesia so it's drawing attention of society, let alone society Jogya inherent mystical power associated with a very trusted community Jogya. Sources of the Indonesian Aviation Agency (LAPAN), told that corp circle is believed not from UFOs but from the work of humans who have a particular purpose. So also reinforced the opinion of the Indonesian Space Agency (Bosca) corp circles also believe that it is man-made, as also found human footprints. Manufacturing process is believed to be at night, and it is not difficult to make, do not need high technology, and simply made a few people. Lately there who claim to make, a group of students of Science (Mathematic Science) from University of Gajah Mada Yogyakarta claims to make it, although it could not be  confirmed this news. 
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