Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Nude Models London Fashion Week

London Fashion Week
LONDON, KOMPAS.com-Le-Designer Charlie Mindu, causing uproar in the event "the London Fashion Week," because featured nude models on the catwalk.
As reported the Daily Mail, the model was wearing only shoes, pink high-heeled boots, hats, bags, wigs, and not wear clothes that cover their bodies.
For a wig maker, was the only way to get attention for his work, namely hair accessories worn by the models.
In a scene reminiscent of the classic tale "The Emperor New Clothes", many "fashionistas" who do not know how to cast their eyes toward where.
French-born designer's label was launched only a year ago but was able to attract attention.
He is also known thanks to the Eiffel tower-shaped wig. His work is also used by Lady Gaga. The singer song "Poker Face" that never wore a rose-shaped head covering while leaving a big black hotel in London.
Last year at the same event, Le Mindu hurt among animal rights activists launched a headscarf because yangmenutupi entire face is made from the original rats and dead rats.
"Better to make them (the rodent) beautiful than giving them to the snake," said 24-year-old designer, when asked about the public response to his work.
His last work is not the most practical with several accessories, including strange headgear bears leopard print, which covers the entire face of the model wearing it.
Le Mindu born in the countryside of France, he studied at the Vidal Sassoon hair styling and Toni & Guy before resorting to wigs and opened a studio in the trendy Shoreditch area of East London, which became his base today.

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