Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Indomie Food Popular in Malaysia

Renne R.A Kawilarang Indomie Food Popular in MalaysiaIndomie withdrawal cases in Taiwan has not many Malaysian media reported.Wednesday, October 13, 2010, 06:00 GMTElin Yunita Kristanti, Iwan Kurniawan

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VIVAnews - Not only famous in the country, Indomie instant noodles also managed to win the heart of communities neighboring country, Malaysia. According to the Malaysian parliament member, Yusmadi Yussof, Indomie is very popular in his country.
"Actually, Indomie is the Malaysian food too. Society is not afraid to Malaysia for consuming Indomie," he told VIVAnews, Tuesday, October 12, 2010 night.
Yussof claimed to be surprised by the news of this noodle product withdrawal in Taiwan. Moreover, he said, "My family also likes to eat Indomie."
Problem reaction of Malaysian society, Yussof claimed not to know. "I have not come home, maybe two more days I can let you know," he said, half joking.
According VIVAnews monitoring, withdrawal of cases Indomie not many Malaysian media reported. New Malaysian daily The Sunday Mirror that lifted yesterday.
Meanwhile, the Singapore government immediately reacted. Agriculture and Livestock Products Agency (AVA) of Singapore said it would hold an investigation to ensure Indomie products in Singapore are safe for consumption.
As the site loaded, the decision to conduct the inquiry following the conclusion of the authorities in Taiwan that Indomie is sold in their country contains two preservatives are prohibited, namely methyl p-hydroxybenzoate and benzoic acid. Two substances that are ingredients for making cosmetics.
In addition, two leading supermarket chains in Hong Kong, ParknShop and Wellcome, to temporarily halt sales of instant noodles sold it.
Center for Food Safety in Hong Kong is conducting tests of Indomie and will follow it up with the importer and dealer.

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