Monday, October 4, 2010

Iran's Nuclear Program Ensure Safe from Attack Stuxnet

Heydar-_Moslehi.jpgIran's Nuclear Program Ensure Safe from Attack - Monday, October 4, 2010 9:48 pmShare Print PDF Print This Story -Iran's Nuclear Program Ensure Safe from Attack StuxnetCNNHeydar MoslehiTRIBUNNEWS.COM - The Iranian government announced the arrest of persons considered to spy on their nuclear project. This was conveyed by the Iranian Intelligence Ministry and quoted by CNN on Monday (09/04/2010).
This is a surprise after a computer virus to attack Iran. Iranian Intelligence Minister Heydar Moslehi announced the arrest without giving a detailed description.
According to the news that calm, Iran is likely to be the target of a virus called Stuxnet and a computer security expert says it is a highly complex malware which never existed in the history of computerization.
Yet if Iran insists its nuclear program is not interrupted by the presence of the virus.
Moslehi Stuxnet also did not mention in his statement but said the ministry could control the virus attack on a virtual network and will destroy any form of sabotage by outsiders.
Ralph Langner, who first identified the existence Stuxnet told CNN to circulate these viruses require the assistance of people in to pass it on.
"To do this attack is needed is details and specifications about what the target and the process so you need that determines the informants from within the control systems," he said.
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