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Merapi Still Great Save Energy

Merapi Still Great Save EnergyMonday, November 8, 2010, 08:22 GMT

Merapi Masih Simpan Energi Besar
REPUBLIKA.CO.ID, YOGYAKARTA - Merapi volcano still save energy, so that the Geological Agency can not predict when eruptions will be eased. "Since 3 November 2010 until now Merapi has erupted four days without stopping, it means that the stored energy is still large , "Head of Geological Agency, Ministry of Energy and Mineral Resources (EMR) R Sukhyar, in Yogyakarta, on Sunday.According to him, the energy expended since the eruption of Mount Merapi, 3 November until 7 November 2010 are still ongoing to this day, even bigger than the first eruption occurred on October 26, 2010. He said the energy eruption of Mount Merapi in 3 to 7 November 2010 three times greater with the energy of the eruption on October 26, 2010. "We can not predict when that energy runs out, so that is no longer erupting Mount Merapi. Now, we follow the first course what dimaui this mountain, "he said.
Although owned energy Merapi is still great, but Sukhyar said to temporary safe radius was set at distances beyond 20 kilometers from the summit gunung.Penetapan safe radius, according to him is based on historical data eruption of Mount Merapi, particularly the hot clouds sliding distance. "Based on historical facts, Merapi hot clouds sliding distance is never more than 15 kilometers, which is only about 12-13 miles, so that a radius of 20 miles was not going to change," he said.
400-meter-diameter crater that has formed on top of the mountain is more open to the south or heading upstream Gendol time, so the hot cloud, which was launched Merapi will point to these times. However, Sukhyar said as many as 12 rivers that disgorge at Mount Merapi have to remain alert, especially to the threat of hot clouds and lava cool.
Meanwhile, the intensity of earthquakes volcanic Mount Merapi on Sunday at 00.00 till 0:06 pm again increased compared to the previous two days. The Center for Volcanology and Geological Hazard Mitigation (PVMBG) Geological Agency Surono said based on reports the results of monitoring Merapi activity until at 06.00 pm has happened 31 times of volcanic earthquakes. "The intensity of volcanic earthquakes increased quite high compared to Friday and Saturday. On Friday (5 / 11) there is absolutely no volcanic earthquake," he said, in Yogyakarta.
Besides increasing the intensity of volcanic earthquakes, Mount Merapi, also continues to launch hot clouds, and clouds of hot streak occurred at 3:02 pm that slid into Gendol and Kali Kali Woro. "The series begins with hot clouds of volcanic earthquakes," he said.
Meanwhile, the sound of rumbling Merapi is still sound straight from the Sub Kemalang and Prambanan, Klaten regency, Central Java, at 03.00 till 05.30 pm. Column six-kilometer-high eruption smoke gray seen leaning to the west of the District Kemalang, Klaten, and lightning seen from Yogyakarta.
PVMGB still appealed to the public to remain alert to the threat of lahar floods because the rain intensity is still high, especially material eruption continues to grow. The public also remains were asked to not move along the river channel tipped at Merapi, which includes Woro Kali, Kali Gendol, Kali Kuning, Boyong Kali, Kali Bedog, Krasak, Bebeng Kali, Kali Sat, Kali Lamat, Senowo Kali, Kali Trising , and Kali Apu.
Status of the volcanic activity of this volcano remained "alert", and safe areas for refugees and the community is to stay outside a radius of 20 kilometers.
There was up to Gunung Kidul
The sound could be heard rumbling Mount Merapi Semin District, the northernmost area of Gunung Kidul Regency, Yogyakarta Special Region, which borders Sukoharjo, Central Java, on Sunday morning. "The voice rumbling Mount Merapi before Fajr Prayer makes people afraid and then they hit the gong to anticipate the possibility of an earthquake because of the roar that sounded quite a while," said Chief Weir Village, District Semin, Sukardi in Semin.
He said the time to look for the source of the clamor is by looking in the direction of Mount Merapi from the front office of Weir Village Hall along with several residents. "We were curious with a roar this morning and tried to see Mount Merapi from the front of Weir Village Hall office and sees a red light burning like coals in the southwest which is the location of Mount Merapi from our place," he said.
Although located far from Mount Merapi, Sukardi said still urged its citizens to increase vigilance. The roar could make the children and residents fear, because her voice sounded so clear, sometimes the volume is very clear and sometimes subsided. Thunder was heard in almost two hours. "Our kids are already built to be afraid and do not want to be, because we heard a roar," said one resident Hamlet Pencil, Weir, Semin, Rukmini whose house was located in the hills.
Rumble on Monday morning to make many people become curious and gather in places higher, and are not blocked for the trees to look at Merapi.Meanwhile, the seismic activity of Merapi to Sunday at 12.00 is still high, marked by an earthquake tremor, avalanches, pyroclastic succession, and 31 times of volcanic earthquakes.
Based on data from PVMBG Geological Agency Ministry of Energy and Mineral Resources (EMR), Sunday, seismic activity of this mountain is still high, so people should be alert to adhere to a safe distance beyond a radius of 20 kilometers.
Report observations of Mount Merapi from Post Ketep mention on Sunday at 09.00 am a small-scale lava floods in Kali Sawangan Pabelan in the subdistrict, Magelang regency, Central Java, and followed by rain and sand of volcanic ash within a radius of 10 kilometers from the summit of this mountain.
Citizens in the "ring road" west of the Special Region of Yogyakarta (DIY), and at Prambanan, Klaten, Central Java (Central Java), still hear the roar and thundering sound from the top of the mountain on the border of Yogyakarta and Central Java it.
Head of Central Investigation and Technology Development Kegunungapian (BPPTK) Yogyakarta Subandriyo said it had placed two instrument seismometers placed at Ketep and Museum Mount Merapi to complete the tool in Pos Plawangan.
Both these tools are used to replace three monitoring tool that has been destroyed by the eruption of Mount Merapi. "Most likely there will still be new location, but was still assessed a safe location and able to transmit a good signal to the BPPTK," he said.
Only issue
Head of Central Investigation and Technology Development in Yogyakarta Kegunungapian Subandrio asserted incorrectly will happen hot clouds as far as 60 kilometers from the summit of Mount Merapi, because the news only issue. "People were asked to remain calm, do not panic, because in history of Merapi unprecedented heat clouds glide that far," he said, in Yogyakarta, Sunday, responding to various issues regarding the Mount Merapi, a disturbing society of which mention will happen hot clouds as far as 60 kilometers .
Therefore, he said, people should remain calm, and follow the plea competent institution such as the Center of Volcanology and Geological Hazard Mitigation (PVMBG) Geological Agency, as well as Investigation and Technology Development Center Kegunungapian (BPPTK). "People do not have affected the issue, and heat clouds glide may not exceed a distance of up to a predetermined safe zone that is beyond 20 kilometers," he said.
Subandrio said the hot clouds are still there, and from 11:00 am until 12:00 pm, Sunday, sounded quite loud roar from Mount Merapi. "Heat clouds that day luncurnya distance as far as 1.5 kilometers and five kilometers, and the dominant upstream Kali Gendol and Woro," he said.
According to him, in the last few days the hot clouds glide upriver Kali Gendol, Boyong and Krasak. "But on Sunday, dominant to Kali Gendol and Woro," he said.
He said the time is now filled Gendol pyroclastic deposits, because the hot clouds occurred continuously since the eruption on October 26, 2010. "Kali Gendol now filled with pyroclastic deposits, and if it still continues to grow with the same volume, so if there is hot clouds leading to the river could luncurnya far distance," he said.
Although heat can clouds glide away, said Subandrio not be more than 20 kilometers. "However, to watch out, hot clouds at Merapi, this happens continuously, and every time luncurannya can change direction," he said.
So, he said, if there are citizens into unsafe zone, it is very risky. "Therefore, so citizens do not often see cattle are still in the unsafe zone, the cow should be taken down or evacuated, or how to better sell," he said.
Troubling issues
Meanwhile, a geologist from the University of Gadjah Mada in Yogyakarta urged people not to trust issues related to eruption of Mount Merapi, because with the continuing issue of short service message to others, then go spread the issue that is not necessarily true, but rather disturbing.
"Do not believe the issue of the eruption of Merapi, because the issue was not necessarily true, and follow the advice and especially the government appeal from an official institution with the authority associated with the development of mountain activities such as the Center for Volcanology and Geological Hazard Mitigation (PVMBG) Geological Agency, and the Central Investigation Kegunungapian and Technology Development (BPPTK) in Yogyakarta, "said geologist from the University of Gadjah Mada Agus Hendratno, in Yogyakarta, on Sunday.
According to him, there is already an official institution of government that is PVMBG and BPPTK who has full authority to the affairs of Mount Merapi, as well as to inform the local governments and communities to take appropriate steps associated with rescue efforts. "The institutions of government that should be followed and adhered to, rather than issues that do not clear the source that only adds to anxiety and panic," he said.
While associated with refugees Merapi, Agus Hendratno which also observer and study of disaster mitigation, argues, the government should provide financial assistance to refugees in particular to the degree necessary to support the mobility of the head of their family during their stay in the camp.He provides an illustration of this during every event of a disaster and then the refugees accommodated in a place, the government and the parties contributor gives more assistance in the form of logistics, especially food and food ready to eat, and medicines as well as other major purposes.
"But often, one of the assistance is excessive in number, because there is no regulation in the distribution to multiple locations of refugees, so it is not uncommon form of rice aid until the stale because menummpuk example and the numbers are exaggerated, so wasteful," he said.
Therefore, from this long experience of government allocation of funds for the procurement of logistics, especially excessive amounts of food rather than better, you are given the form of money, but not too big or to taste, for the purposes of the cost of mobility among displaced households to buy fuel ( fuel) for the vehicle, or buy credits to his cell phone.
"Because they are long in the camp must communicate using a cell phone with his sister and her family outside the area, as well as its mobility must be high, especially as the head of the family," he said.
Agus said that whoever was in the camp for a period not clear, because it can be only a few days, but can also be longer, of course disturb the concentration of his work, especially the self-employed as well as merchants and farmers and ranchers. "They can not make a living for his family, and certainly among those who have only a savings," he said.
Students return home
Thousands of students from outside the Special Region of Yogyakarta (DIY) and dozens of foreign students who are studying at various universities in Yogyakarta, chose to return home for fear of an eruption of Merapi. "About 71 of the 300 students from Malaysia on Sunday has been returned to his country and the rest are still in the process of return," said Head of Public Relations and Protocol University of Gadjah Mada (UGM) in Yogyakarta Suryo Baskoro Sunday.
While thousands of students from outside the region is also home, following a policy of a number of public universities (PTN) and private universities (PTS) in DIY dismiss lecture to 13 November 2010. Some-educators who dismiss campus activities, such as UGM, Yogyakarta State University (UNY), Indonesian Islamic University (UII), National Development Uviversitas (UPN), University of Atma Jaya Yogyakarta, and various other universities.

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