Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Keraton Jogya Use Communist Way ?

Former UGM rector Wonder Why Palace Use PKI way  
Tuesday, December 14, 2010, 07:41:00 

Ichlasul Amal CHARITY / IST

RMOL. Apparently not all want the people of Yogyakarta Sri Sultan Hamengkubuwono X and Paku Alam IX directly set as the governor and deputy governor of Yogyakarta. Former Rector of the University of Gajah,Mada Ichlasul Amal. 
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GMU professor of politics this rate for the current context of the era, establishing the governor and lieutenant governor is not appropriate. Therefore, he admitted sad seeing rallies and hearing the people in Yogyakarta yesterday afternoon that requires determination.
"I do not agree in ways like this. Show of force like this is a long ways, "he told the Rakyat Merdeka Online, Monday night (13/12).
He asserted, if that Sultan is supported by all levels of the people of Yogya to become Governor of Yogyakarta, Sultan should not be afraid to face the elections. Therefore, the Sultan will certainly win the election. "If the election, the Sultan that's for sure win. There will be no one can beat the Sultan, "he said.
The way the show of force or show of force by deploying thousands of the masses, he added, is how long does it take before the memetakonplikkan PKI with the public Yogya Kraton decision. Therefore, he felt strange why the old way is then used instead memetakonplikkan palace to the government's decision.
Ichlasul admit, at this time does not recommend the people of Yogya Sultan to conduct the trial and rally the people. However, by letting all of this, the same action Sultan agree even want it to perpetuate its position as governor.
"If he disagrees, he should sudang talk. It's not. These demos are left alone to walk, "he said.
If we had the show of force like this, he continued, DIY parliament would not be able to do anything. Faced with thousands of masses who menjejalan Malioboro, like it or not they also have to agree with the determination.
"If it dipetakonplikkan like this, they will not be able to do nothing. When faced with so much mass, where maybe they could refuse, "said Ichlasul.
He goes on, the Sultan do have a very high position for the people of Yogya. But, if the Sultan established as governor for life, not be good is also good to Yogyakarta and the nature of democracy in Indonesia.
"There should be limits. Position is not allowed for a lifetime, let alone for generations. If you like it, later his family awful, "he said.
In any country, he added, there is no king and his descendants are automatically directly occupy the top position in government. King is just to continue the culture. If you want to be head of government, it must follow the election.
"The period we want to make a law that would set the governor for life. Yes do not be like that. In Britain alone, the king does not lead the country. Which leads still to go through the election, "he said. [Zul]

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