Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Six Economic Miracle RI 2010

Optimism for economic empowerment has been the foundation of national fanfare on the stock exchange this year.


* Indonesia Export
* Super Craft Indonesia
* Indonesia 6.2% Growth
* Continued Economic Growth
* Asean Gold Triangle

Bahana TCW Investment Management, noted the economic condition 2010 has been emitting momentum as the projected number of wonders in late 2009.
"Optimism for economic empowerment has been the foundation of national fanfare on the stock exchange this year and we believe a few years ahead," said economist Bahana, Budi Hikmat in the 2010 Final Report notes received VIVAnews in Jakarta.
Bahana noted a variety of statistics showing the magic momentum (annus mirabilis) is flushed throughout 2010.
First, as of late November 2010, the Jakarta Composite Index jumped 39% or 46% in U.S. dollar compared to the beginning of the year. The highest increase sekawasan after Thailand. In the same period, ABTRINDO as the price index of government securities rose 21.9%.
Second, increased foreign capital inflows reflected in the position of foreign ownership in government securities, which reached Rp 191.2 trillion as of 30 November 2010. This figure jumped from Rp 108 trillion in late December 2009. This spike in lower yield on government securities of 10 years in the period from 10.9% to 7.6%.
Third, although be dragged Europe's fiscal crisis, the rupiah exchange rate against the U.S. dollar throughout the year appears to stabilize at around 9000 or rose 4%. Interesting observed that the strengthening of the rupiah was not as other regional currencies of Indonesia's export opportunities remain competitive.
Fourth, despite soaring due to rising food prices, annual inflation rate reached 6.3% November 2010. This figure is lower than the average of the last ten years the range of 8.3%.
Fifth, controllable and excess rupiah liquidity allows Bank Indonesia to maintain the fixed rate of 6.5% since December 2008.
Sixth, the good news is that macroeconomic stability was also followed by a growing number of major business indicators confirming the acceleration of economic recovery.
Indicators are clearly reflected through the spike in auto sales, retail goods, cement, property, electronic goods, electricity consumption, acceleration of credit to import raw materials and capital.[vivanews]

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