Friday, December 10, 2010

Twitter Present Voice to Indonesia

Twitter Present Voice to Indonesia 
Friday, December 10, 2010, 14:31 GMT

"Twitter" with Voice Present in IndonesiaVoice blogging service Twitter is a development that is now only limited to textual messages.
In addition to Facebook, Twitter became a social media service is quite popular in Indonesia. It can not be denied, according to statistics released by ComScore some time ago, Indonesia has become the country with the world's highest penetration of Twitter.From these data, represented approximately 20.8 percent of Internet users in Indonesia using Twitter service daily, with respondents 15 years and above and includes home and office Internet users.No wonder if these findings encourage Bubble Motion to enter and work on the potential of Twitter users based on the state of the world's second largest after the United States. Previously, as reported by Tech Crunch, Bubble Motion successfully introduced in India and Japan.Bubble Motion is a provider of voice services platform like Twitter blog. Simply put, this voice blogging service Twitter could be said that the service comes with a sound (voice)."Compared to the text as in Twitter, blogs, more representative expression of one's voice. You will feel a more tangible expression of the message from a friend or public figure who you follow (follow)," said Brad Porteus, chief marketing officer at Bubble Motion."Indonesia has a huge social community. It can be seen from the growth of Facebook and Twitter are very fast," said Brad Porteus, chief marketing officer at Bubble Motion. "This condition is supported by Internet-enabled handsets absorption. Compared to the United States, the penetration in Indonesia is much better," he explained.However, in Indonesia, this new platform adopted by XL Axiata PT Tbk (XL) two weeks ago under the name XL Cuaps service. With this, subscribers can enjoy new content in the form of Voice Blog service other customers, including service Voice Blogs Celebrities who claimed first in Indonesia."Customers can pour what he had in mind in the form of sound, and like Twitter, customers can also invite other XL users to listen and become his followers," said VP of Marketing Mobile Data Services XL, Jeremiah de la Cruz, through a press release.In addition to XL, special voice service blog, Brad says Bubble Motion is also open cooperation with other service partners. However, no further information about who the next partner."In India, we managed to record 1.2 million subscribers voice blog. In Japan, data are not yet available because it has been running for one month," said Brad. "After Indonesia, we also expected to capture a market in the Philippines." 
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