Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Questioning the Efficacy of Power Balance

Questioning the Efficacy of Power BalancePower Balance claimed to work using holographic technology frequency.Tuesday, January 4, 2011, 14:03 GMT
Power Balance Bracelet (www.powerbalance.com)
Power Balance bracelet medical efficacy is questionable. Moreover, its official distributor in Australia openly apologize and admit there is not any scientific evidence that supports their claim for the bracelet is about the ability to increase strength, balance, and flexibility of the body.
In its website, claimed Power Balance works using holographic technology. Where frequencies are embedded in the hologram will react positively with the body's natural energy field. This condition is claimed to increase energy flow throughout the body.
Adre Mayza, nerve specialists from the University of Indonesia, said the frequency of which is embedded in the hologram it can affect blood circulation. If the right to use the technology, Power Balance may be beneficial for blood circulation.
"Frekuesi wave basically reacting to the negative and positive poles. And the blood is an electrolyte, because it contains both positive and negative ions, such as minerals, calcium, chloride," he said.
Adre added, technology-frequency holograms have bad side effects for users who experience lack of electrolytes. "Blood pressure can go up and appear unbearable headaches," he said.
However, Adre said that they still need strong support scientific research. Moreover, if the bracelet was virtually able to increase strength, balance, and flexibility of the body. "The recommendations from health agencies are credible is also very important," he said.
Power Balance developed a fitness equipment company based in California. Through the Internet, these products are then marketed to several countries, including Indonesia. With a price range of 400-600 thousand, this product is so desirable community. In fact, some companies desperate to issue a replica. (Pet)

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