Monday, February 28, 2011

Are there really giant pyramid in West Java

Are there really giant pyramid in West Java
A number of geologists and historians participated in the giant pyramid peburuan. Monday, February 28, 2011, 10:07 GMT
Mount Sadahurip Main Page (Credit: Turangga Seta) (Turangga Seta)  
The sun barely above the crown, while four cars pulled over on the edge of Highway Cipatik Soreang-, mid-February 2011. That afternoon, Kampung Badaraksa located on the hillside, the arrival of guests.
The group climbed down a small street in the middle of residential areas, were heading to the summit of Mount Lalakon, located in the village of Jelegong, Kotawaringin district, Bandung regency.
From Kampung Badaraksa located at an altitude of about 720 m above sea level, they rushed up around the hill from the south to west.
While carrying various equipment and several large cable reels, the group split the mountain forest. Tramp of their feet to the rhythms sound as if chasing crickets, and katydid on either side.
The team consists of a group of young men and the researchers that, finally reached the peak as high as 988 meters above sea level.
Extended cable. The team began installing equipment that they carry electrical resistivity. Some 56 sensors that are fitted with altimeter (gauge height) strung from the top of the hill down the slope, each five meters, powered by two electric storage battery.
The tools that function to detect the level of rock resistivity, and can be used to analyze the structure of the density of rock hundreds of meters down. "Our goal was to know whether there are buildings hidden in the mountains," said General Ben Sutedjo, to VIVAnews, in Jakarta, Tuesday, February 15, 2011.(vivanews)

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