Sunday, April 24, 2011

Austria Announces Discovery Treasure

Penemuan harta karun di Austria
Austria Announces Discovery Treasure 
The Austrian government announced the discovery of treasures from a citizen.Sunday, April 24, 2011, 06:17 GMT
The Austrian government announced the discovery of treasures from a citizen. Valuable objects had actually been discovered four years ago, but was only announced Friday after undergoing research and had left many years by the inventor.

According to news agency Associated Press, Department of Archaeological Objects Austria reveals more than 200 rings, brooches, belts, gold-plated silver plate and other precious ornaments.
Collection of the treasure is believed to come from 650 years ago. Resources and the value of precious objects were still further investigated. According to official statements, the discovery of this treasure is like a fairy tale. "This is one of the most significant discoveries of medieval treasures in Austria," continued the statement of the authorities of the Federal Office of Historical Objects Collection.
The discovery of treasures in Austria
Photo caption: One of the treasures found in Austria (AP Photo / Bundesdenkmalamt / Bettina Sidonie, Handout)
According to the weekly magazine Profile, inventor karum property is a City resident named Andrew K. Wiener Neustadt He pleaded not accidentally find it when you're gardening in the yard in 2007.
Profiles reveal that time Andrew tripped and hit a mound. He then dug mound, which proved to be a collection of ancient jewelry. He did not directly report to the authorities, but to put things that are mixed with dry soil in the basement.
He had reported two years later when you empty the contents of the house, which he sells. Initially, Andreas photographing objects and published on the internet. Once received an enthusiastic response from collectors, Andrew then brought its findings to the authorities.
According to the magazine profile, Andrew was not interested in selling his invention. He was just interested to lend objects to one of the museums in Austria.

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