Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Money eaten by termites

Money Billions Termite Eaten Out In fact, the money was kept in a safe. Worth 10 million rupees, or about Rp1, 9 billion Employees of banks in an Indian city is not sepalang shocked after seeing the pile of damaged paper money eaten by termites. In fact, the money was kept in a safe.
The incident took place at the State Bank of India (SBI) branch of Barabanki district in the city of Lucknow, 19 April. According to the Associated Press news agency, the amount of money that termites gnawed paper worth 10 million rupees, or about Rp1, 9 billion.
Local police were initially confused how can safes are made of steel can be entered termites so they held a party the money. Customer's property was kept in the safe since January.
After investigation, it is due to negligence of the bank employees, who do not discipline ensures safe door shut. SBI Management stated that innocent employees will be sanctioned.
"It also faults the bank, so it must bear the loss caused due to the termites and the public do not have to suffer losses," the official said SBI, Abhay Singh, the Indian Express newspaper quoted Newspaper.
Money that has been damaged replaced new guaranteed by the Central Bank of India, provided the serial numbers still looked intact. Meanwhile, the local bank managers complain that they have been working in an old building that has become a nest of termites.
First, termites swarm mengicar only furniture and bank documents. Now money is their brush. It was unclear whether the bank will move locations or rely on termite eradication officer.

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