Thursday, June 9, 2011

RI Competitiveness Defeat Brazil and India

However, Indonesia's ranking is still less than China (ranked 27) and Malaysia (26).

Indonesia's competitiveness in the Global Competitiveness Index rankings (CGI) in 2010 rose from 54 to 44 from 139 countries. The increase Indonesia's competitiveness ranking highest among the G20 countries, beating Brazil, Russia, India and South Africa.
Thierry Geiger In the report, entitled The Indonesian Competiveness Report 2011, Indonesia was ranked higher than Brazil (ranked 59), Russia (63), India (51), and South Africa (54). However, Indonesia's ranking is still inferior to China (ranked 27), Singapore (3), and Malaysia (26).
Thierry is also an economist of the World Economic Forum, said Indonesia's strength is rapid economic growth and good fiscal management. Equitable access to basic education also lead to increased quality.
The report also mentions several important factors several years into the future of commodity market efficiency due to a competitive taxation policies. However, the problem of bureaucracy and trade barriers still exist. Indonesia is also superior because it has a big market.
As one of 20 countries with the largest economy, Indonesia is superior because many of the largest population and growing middle class.
According to him, Indonesia's most glaring weakness is the infrastructure sector. Condition ports, highways, and railroads are still considered very alarming.
Additionally, electricity supply is still unreliable and scarce, the absorption of information technology is still limited, is still considered a public health problem is low, and labor problems.
Thierry has also highlighted the widespread problem of corruption, so that the necessary policy-making process more transparent. "In the end, Indonesia must continue to strengthen the institutional framework" he said.
The report acknowledges Indonesia experienced both change and proven to withstand the global crisis. "This positive development. However, Indonesia should not be satisfied," he said.
CGI rank with 12 indicators, among others, institutions, infrastructure, health, environment, macro economy and basic education, as well as higher education and training. Other indicators of good market efficiency, labor market efficiency, financial market development, the readiness of technology readiness, market size, and business sophistication and innovation. (Art)

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