Wednesday, June 1, 2011

White Was Born From The Black Couple

Francis Tshibangu dan Anlette dan kedua anaknya yang berbeda warna kulit

This is truly a miracle. The couple have a baby black skin white. Busyness delivery operating room suddenly stopped silent. Doctors and nurses looked at each other incredulously. Francis Tshibangu stood beside his wife, Arlette, who had just given birth to a baby boy. Francis looked at her son who was eventually given the name of Daniel was filled with disbelief. Francis Tshibangu and Anlette and two children of different skin color
Francis Tshibangu and Anlette and two children of different skin color
"I am holding hands when they took Daniel Arlete of hugs Arlete," said Francis. "Daniel's body was still covered in blood ... But, I then saw a white skin and blond hair. Suddenly my jaw open. " Francis and Arlette, who do not have a pedigree white, gave birth to a white baby. Daniel is not an albino babies have different skin pigments. Seth, his brother who was 2 years old, born a black skin.
"My first thought, 'Wow, is this really my son?'," Said Francis. "I can not say anything. The doctors looked at each other and thought the baby was not mine. "
Allegations MOLESTER
The whole operating room did not believe it when Arlette gave birth to a white baby. "The first reaction of the nurses were having affairs with Arlette definite white man. Their faces look think about it, "said Francis. "But I'm sure the boy is mine. Arlette and I looked at each other and smile and I know he's my son. "
Francis has worked with Arlette household for three years. Therefore, he never doubted the loyalty Arlette. But it has a white baby, it really surprised them. Francis increasingly believe when looking at Daniel's face. "When I kissed her face, I get a clear picture of my baby. He really like me and Arlette. She has my nose and lips Arlette, "he said.
Arlette also had worried her husband would accuse her affair because it gave birth to a white baby. "There is little concern. But, I love my husband and I know she loved and trusted, "he said. "So, I do not need to worry. I never betrayed Francis and never will. "

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