Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Now Cooking Oil Can Be Used To Fuel Aircraft

Biokerosene, minyak goreng untuk bahan bakar pesawatNow Oil Can Be Use Aircraft

Two European airlines have recently announced that they would fly one or two of their aircraft with fuel oil. The BBC reported that the Dutch airline, KLM, will use biokerosene, or the rest of the cooking oil that has been used as fuel in about 200 flights between Amsterdam and Paris.
Biokerosene, cooking oil to fuel the aircraft

Biokerosene, cooking oil to fuel the aircraft

Meanwhile, the airline British Airways, Thomson claims it will use the same fuel on a flight from Birmingham, England, to Palma, Mallorca. Similarly, reported by Cnet, Sunday (07/03/2011). This is not the first time an airline to test the use of environmentally friendly fuels. In 2008, Air New Zealand Boeing 747 to fly one of his used cooking oil as part of its fuel.

Of course, the purpose of this policy is so that they could reduce carbon emissions resulting from aircraft fuel. However, some observers doubted whether KLM and Thomson took the right decision by announcing the policy. The reason could be the most passengers do not feel comfortable if you know the aircraft they were traveling using fuel 'experiment'.

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