Sunday, August 21, 2011

Couples must ML during Ramadan

Couples must ML during Ramadan
You and your partner must ML during Ramadan. The benefit will be protected from various diseases. Really?
Sexual intercourse with steady partners you can do during Ramadan. Just as long as you follow the following rules.
You and your partner can perform the ML relation at night. You can optimize the time not too long, after breaking the fast until the time prior to the Ruling or dawn. Remember, before the ML make sure your stomach is full and your mind is calm.
Perfect time for ML ranged from 21:00 until 23:00. The goal was none other, so that you tarawih prayer worship undisturbed. After having sex you can still clean the body and purifies himself by bathing obliged to sleep and then wake up in order to prepare the meal.
ML lightning can do to make your busy busy. Quickie was able to avoid diseases caused by fatigue.
You should be able to control the mind so fast smoothly. You can also fill free time in the afternoon with a job or anything positive. The goal is that you do not do the ML during the day, which is prohibited during Ramadan.
You have to apply the four rules, it is guaranteed to be protected from various diseases. Whether it's a physical disease, or liver disease. Such as the following:
Avoid depression
You need to know that orgasm is done when the ML was able to create endorphins that produce a sense of wellbeing and euphoria. Not only that, orgasm can relieve body aches and pain in women who are menstruating.
Avoid a heart attack and flu
You women who regularly ML will have excess estrogen. Estrogen can protect against heart attacks. Another benefit of estrogen for the body is unable to cure the flu.
Sex once a week can increase immunoglobulin A is higher by 30 percent, which increases your body's immune system.
Avoid bladderML relations strengthen pelvic muscles that control the water flow when urinating. You men, can reduce the risk of prostate cancer. This is confirmed by expert doctors Eurolog.

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