Saturday, September 10, 2011

India bans Bond Film Showcase Train Scene

India bans Bond Film Showcase Train Scene"Ride on the roof of the train is something that is illegal. 
It can not be tolerated."Film "James Bond" will next take a picture of the country a lot of the Mahabharata, India. However, not to mention the production process runs, the Indian government suddenly cast a protest on the production team.
Local authorities requested that the scenes that show people crammed on top of the train when they are traveling removed. The reason, the image means of conveyance which is managed by the country could drop in international eyes.
"Ride on the roof of the train is something that is illegal in India. It is intolerable," said railway minister of India, Dinesh Trivedi, as quoted from the pages of the Sydney Morning Herald.
As seen in the Jakarta plural at certain hours, many Indians chose crammed into the roof of the train because it was reluctant to buy a ticket.
Screenplay, Daniel Craig, British actor who plays Bond, jumping from the motor that he drove to the top of the train that was speeding. On the roof of the train, passengers huddled like tuna in the center of the auction. After that, he would jump again to train another equally dense. "The scene on the roof of the train's passengers will not be displayed," he explained.
Trivedi further said that the protest had been received. Terms proposed by the government of India could not be rejected. Sam Mendes, who is known through the "American Beauty", will become director in the film while it was given the title of "Bond 23".
India's national railway company employs 1.4 million people and manages 11 thousand a series of trains that carry up to 19 million people per day.

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