Artwork for future investmentArt auctions are always filled with a bold collector to buy at high pricesCredit Suisse Research Institute Institute late in 2010 released data that says the total wealth of Indonesia until mid-year 2010 reached U.S. $ 1.8 trillion, up fivefold in the last decade.Even predicted that wealth will grow to U.S. $ 3 trillion, which means doubled again by 2015.This growth according to Credit Suisse was the fastest in the Asia-Pacific region and at the same time encourage the emergence of the middle class.Although some of that wealth comes from ownership that can be said to be conventional, such as property, but unclear if the increase in wealth is also encouraging the development of other economic sectors.And one of the affected sectors are trade artwork.Since 2008 works of art Indonesia is already experiencing a boom with the soaring price of the works of Indonesian artists in a number of auction in Hong Kong, Singapore, and Jakarta, as told by a curator Amir Sidharta of Sidharta Auctioneer auction.And increased prices for some artists' works Indonesia experienced a remarkable improvement.Artwork for future investmentIndonesia's economic growth led to increased interest in works of art, its price, and can also be an investment.In a two-year''is any increase in price was fantastic, especially the classic works of Indonesian artists, such as greatly increased the Lee Man Fong, Hendra Gunawan and Soedjojono. Which had ranged up to hundreds of millions of two-three billion, soared into dozens of billions of dollars,''said Amir Sidharta.Indonesian young artist who is also not less interesting, among others, I Nyoman Masriadi. The work of artists from Bali who settled in Yogyakarta was successfully sold at Rp 6 billion in Sothebi's auction in Hong Kong.A number of other artists whose work is now also much sought after is the Agus Suwage, Rudy Mantovani, and Putu Sutawijaya.According to Amir Sidharta, artists are a guarantee sell quickly if auctioned.A growing interestIn some big cities in Indonesia are now mushrooming variety of galleries that sell works of art from various streams.Yenny SC-Phoenix Art gallery owner, in the area of ​​South Jakarta, said Darmawangsa enthusiasm of visitors to the gallery is quite large.
"In the past two years there is an increase in price was fantastic, especially the classic works of Indonesian artists. What was the range of hundreds of millions to two-three billion, soared into dozens of billion dollars"Amir SidhartaEnthusiasm''quite a lot of visitors, mostly just excited but not really understand art. Usually they look for an impressionist that can be enjoyed at home, are easy to digest,''said Yenny.The increasing number of visitors seems to indicate the emergence of new, interested in buying quality art works, among others, to follow the lifestyle also shows the social strata.''Some visitors have money, part art appreciation. There are also those that include the type to follow, if you do not know the art behind the times, the reason is prestige,''added Yenny.In addition to galleries, auction and now also popping up when the auction takes place always filled with visitors.As an investmentAssuming that the quality artwork that will be easy later sold back to the many who bought art not as a mere token of appreciation but it is as an investment for the future.galleryThe more aware of art as a profitable long-term investmentAmir Sidharta judge who create works of art, especially painting, being expensive can not be explained mathematically, but certainly not least the artwork is purchased turned out to be advantageous for sale at a later date.Art was no longer a mere brush strokes on a canvas or carved in wood with a base value of mere art, but also overshadowed by the economic potential."They do not just collect art but also as an investment because they know the price will skyrocket in the future," said Amir.In this case the role of curators, galleries, critics, and media that could be a key holder for 'success' of a work of art.They can jack up the price of an artwork or make it as a bone of contention when it was auctioned.However, every investment necessarily involves risk and the artwork is very necessary acumen in judging a work of art.Awareness of collectingWith the increasing wealth of households is increasing spending anyway artwork. At least they were able to set aside part of their funds to buy art.Kris Danubrata
"Abstinence see something that suits your taste and pleasure, it is definitely purchased. If money is not enough, could not sleep, thinking continues."Kris DanubrataAt least bergitulah Danubrata Kris experience, one in Jakarta, an art collector who frequented the gallery.''Just like any other collector friends, when it's like art then we forget about other luxury items. I do not like cars or other expensive item so I can use the money to buy art.''''If it's love. Abstinence see something that suits your taste and the pleasure is definitely purchased. If money is not enough, could not sleep, kept thinking,''said Kris Danubrata which has thousands of works of art but claimed not to prepare a special room for her collection.According to Kris, to collect his consciousness has existed since childhood and increased when working at the State Palace in the reign of President Megawati Sukarnoputri.State Palace was filled with various objects of art, along with a love of Indonesia's first president, Sukarno, on the artworkKris added awareness that the art collection could be a profitable investment only began during the 1980s.But later increased again in line with economic growth in Indonesia.