Saturday, September 10, 2011

Anti-Israel at the Egyptian Ambassador Successfully Kick Out

Anti-Israel at the Egyptian Ambassador Successfully Kick Out 
 Friday night local time (9 / 9), the Israeli Embassy in Cairo, Egypt, invaded by a group of protesters. By using a hammer and a large metal bars, protesters managed to knock down one wall of the embassy about two feet tall.
Not only that, they also vent their anger by throwing thousands of documents from one window of the embassy. Violent demonstrators who is also climbing the building and replace their neighboring country's flag with the flag of Egypt. Israeli flag was then thrown into the crowd of other protesters who were under. Similarly, Al Jazeera's correspondent reported (Saturday, 10 / 9).
To curb such violent action, hundreds of Egyptian troops equipped with armored cars, were deployed to the scene. However, demonstrators set fire to it retaliated by attacking police trucks and police headquarters in the area near the embassy area. As a result, security forces clashed with demonstrators in the midst of smoke from tear gas and burning tires. The military and local police, protesters continue to attack from all sides. One protester, Nora Shalaby, justify such violent acts.
"I think this is the only way we can declare our intention," said Nora.
Around 3:00 o'clock Saturday morning local time, Egypt's Health Ministry says there are at least 520 wounded after clashes in the area of ​​the embassy. While previously reported, one person died of a heart attack.
Responding to the incident, the Egyptian Interior Ministry immediately stated the alert status. While Prime Minister Essam Sharaf, immediately held a meeting with the cabinet crisis team to discuss the deteriorating situation.
Meanwhile, Israel's ambassador to Egypt, Yitzhak Levanon, and his family, along with other embassy staff are reported to have rushed to the Cairo airport and fly to Israel. Before his departure, Levanon met first with the military General of Egypt's Supreme Council of the Armed Forces. According to local television, Levanon come up with an anxious and frightened expression.
The incident occurred as a result of this intense anger of the people of Egypt, upon the death of Egyptian police who were on duty at the Egyptian border in August. At that time, the Israeli military was hunting down insurgents in the area near the Egyptian border. The incident enraged the people of Egypt who held a large protest.
Egyptian police over the incident of death, the government of Egypt has asked Israel to apologize formally to Egypt. In addition, the government also demanded Israel to investigate the case. [Ald]

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