Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Maid Caught Dead in BMW's roof 3 Series

An old maid of 60 years in Lokeren, Belgium, with the tragic death wound in the neck after an automatic car wedged roof. At that time the victim was cleaning the car his employer, the BMW 3 Series.

But apparently, the cause of death was quite simple, unfortunate maid was sandwiched folding roof BMW 3 Series car mechanic, who was able to open and close automatically.

As reported by autoevolution, Monday, September 12, 2011, the car was removed from the garage to be cleaned. At that time, alleged victim also had knocked the roof opening mechanism that caused the tragedy. Or alternatively, the roof of the car shuts itself off while being cleaned.
Whatever the cause, the incident still raises a big question. Why BMW's folding roof is equipped with safety features, do not stop automatically when there is interference, as well as the performance of an electric window.

BMW is investigating this case so as not to recur in the future. To be sure, consumers must be extra careful when testing these types of auto-topped car.

BMW sedang menyelidiki kasus ini agar tidak terulang di kemudian hari. Yang pasti, konsumen harus ekstra hati-hati ketika menguji jenis mobil beratap otomatis tersebut.

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