Thursday, November 3, 2011

Doctor Insert the penis into the Mouth's Patient During Dental Operation


Shanghai, China, a female patient in hospital Shanghai China come to the dentist because of a problem with your teeth and mouth that required surgery. When asked to close their eyes and opened her mouth, these patients according to it because they think this is so the procedure.
But the patient felt a foreign object with unnatural size into his mouth was wide open. How shocked he was when he opened his eyes, turned out to objects in his mouth is in her private doctor who accidentally removed from the pants.
Embarrassing incident that occurred on Friday last week (10/28/2011) at the Zhongshan Hospital Qinpu Qinpu located in the district, Shanghai. The culprit was a 28-year-old dentist, male sex, master degree and has worked at the hospital for 2 years.
The behavior was outrageous dentist who makes it should be languishing in police detention. The hospital itself can not claim to provide a more detailed chronological because the case is still under investigation.
But clearly this event shocked everyone who knew the doctor. "He is a highly qualified dentist, had never behaved like this," said Wang, one of the staff at the hospital as quoted from Shanghaidaily, Thursday (11/03/2011).
Strongly suspected that the dentist was having psychiatric problems, like depression at a pretty heavy because it was taking care of the wedding with her boyfriend. However, this conjecture can not be ascertained because it is still in police investigations.
Even if proven that dentists are experiencing depression, then the relationship with a deviant sexual behavior that remain will trigger debate. In many cases, depression is actually lower sex drive and not even make sufferers become hypersex.

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