Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Spectaculer: Transparent planes

The view is seen clearly from the side and roof of the aircraft cabin. Launched in 2050.

In the future, travel by planes no longer feel in the tube. Where there is only a small window that connects us with the world outside.
Later, blue sky, scattered stars in the night, the Eiffel Tower and the pyramids towering, sky 'rampage' would be seen clearly from the plane. Is the European aircraft manufacturer, Airbus is currently developing the concept of a transparent plane. The passengers will feel the sensation of floating in the air
Transparent Aircraft

Pesawat Transparan 1

As published the Daily Mail, June 14, 2011, future aircraft cabin wall of the membrane with transparent glass. Both the side walls and roof of the aircraft cabin. The passengers could clearly see everything in front, side, also above them. Plane wall will change depending on the light conditions.
Pesawat Transparan 2
Interesting? Clearly for adventurous people. But definitely not, for you who have a phobia of flying. Even if there is no psychological disruption, passengers are likely to need an eye patch if the planes taking off or landing.
This futuristic aircraft will be equipped with a relaxation zone and a bar to socialize. Uniquely, the entertainment is in the plane was powered by body heat energy from the  plane passenger
Pesawat Transparan 5

Most of the technology used in aircraft such as the form and displays aircraft seats and the roof is not new. However, how to make the walls transparent Airbus is still a mystery.
"The concept of the cabin of the bionic structure that mimics the efficiency of the bird skeleton,"claims Airbus
This structure would provide strength, also allows the walls of the cabin 'intelligent' This sets the air temperature and become transparent to for the passengers can enjoy the panorama around.
Future cabin was designed by Airbus since last year packed with environmentally friendly technology: reduce fuel, emissions, waste, and noise

Pesawat Transparan 3

The cabin also will be equipped 'interactive zone', which provides a virtual game like golf. Also interactive conference facilities. The cabin will fullfil needs of its passengers.
Also there is 'vitalization zone' which is equipped with additional air and antioxidants, plant mood, aromatherapy, and acupressure therapy.
"Our research will make a passenger plane in 2050 will enjoy the flying experience that is without limit, while preserving the environment," said an Airbus engineering executive vice-president, Charles Champion.

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