Thursday, December 8, 2011

China Ready for War Against America

China Ready for War Against America

President Hu Jintao muster Navy Fleet CommandPresiden Hu Jintao ordered Chinese naval race against time to build the preparations for war. Beijing feels cornered the annexation, the South China Sea region amid increasingly strong military cooperation between Australia and the United States (U.S.).Command the preparation of war against the United States was made clear in a meeting with Hu in China's military leadership. It's not like usually. Therefore, a has-been, saying Hu's just a gesture."We must strengthen our forces and strengthen national security by accelerating the transformation and modernization as well as preparing a more mature to deal with war," Hu said in the presence of members of the Communist Party's Central Military Commission of China, yesterday.
Hu's assertion that emerged following the developments in recent months regarding security issues in Asia Pacific. China and Vietnam and the Philippines recently arguing about the issue of maritime boundaries in the South China Sea, which is rich in fish and other sources of energy.The U.S. and Australia was concerned over security in the South China Sea. Last month, the U.S. plans to send 2500 Marines and other military support to be placed on northern Australia.China did not want to lose. Country which has been more strengthened the army and has had the ship mains, spoke about his ambition to improve naval capabilities are still below the U.S..U.S. unmoved China welcomes the competition. According to the U.S., China has the right to defend itself."No one looking for a fight here. Of course we would not be jealous of other countries the opportunity to develop naval forces, "said Pentagon spokesman George Little.Foreign Ministry spokesman Mark Toner said the U.S., transparency will strengthen military ties between the U.S. and China.In recent years, China is often questioned and worried about a planned U.S. troop surge in the Asia Pacific region in 2012.China even responded by holding war games in waters of the Pacific. [People's Daily Independent]

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