Thursday, December 15, 2011

Iran Invite China & Russia dismantle American Aircraft

Iran Invite China & Russia dismantle American Aircraft

Tired of stripping the United States reconnaissance aircraft (U.S.), Iran intends to reengineer the stealth aircraft Sentinel RQ-170 which crashed on its territory. Tehran rake in Russia and China to examine the iron bird.
However, the West doubted Iran's technology to reengineer the iron bird. Members of Parliament from the U.S. Commission on Intelligence Mike Rogers called the crash the U.S., as a nightmare. However, Rogers downplayed Iran's ability to be able to disassemble and analyze such high-tech aircraft.

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"The good news: when they are busy to spend time to disassemble and reassemble, we will spend time creating new ones, and that's the biggest difference," said Rogers.
Chief editor of Jane's International Defence Review Nick Brown different assessment. According to Brown, Iran well enough re-engineering and they have many abilities without the help of other parties. But by sharing a platform that Iran could gain political benefits.The challenge, Brown said, not build it, but make it airworthy."There are complex algorithms that control the aircraft. Make a boomerang-shaped object flying in accordance with your wishes are hard and only really possible with advanced flight model, computers, and software are good, "he added."I do not know Iran's level of scientific expertise. But if true Russia and China have sent delegates, then they have that expertise.Unmanned aircraft technology is very important for Iran, Russia, and China, says Elizabeth Quintana, a senior researcher at the Royal United Services Institute.He questioned how the condition of the aircraft as Iran to get it. "It could be the aircraft had been destroyed. Well the version seen in the video clip may have been the result of reconstruction. But if the aircraft is relatively intact, of course Iran could take a little advantage, "explained Brown.U.S. aircraft such as new toys for Iran. Some portions of the RQ-170 has been removed from the aircraft, so it will not offer much new. "But the real gold mine might charge. We do not know what cargo there, but there may be a signal intelligence, electro-optical sensors or radar. "Tehran can test the free-space radar echoes to measure how the object is detected. Iran could also learn some of the forms and materials that can outwit radar aircraft.Said Brown, The RQ-170 did not carry weapons. At the top of the plane there is a scanner or a satellite uplink protective structures that send information from the sensor to the control station the plane. [SRN]

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