Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Best and Cheap from Indonesia, Suppress Corruption

Mobil Nasional Murah Bisa Menekan Korupsi

Cheap National Car Can Suppress Corruption
The central government fully supports the steps of Mayor and Deputy Mayor of Solo, which pioneered the use of student-made cars Vocational School (SMK) called Esemka, as official vehicles."The price of a cheap car Esemka can create a simple lifestyle for corruption among officials and the press," said Deputy Minister of Administrative Reforms Eko Prasojo in Jakarta, Friday (6 / 1).He said the move Solo Mayor Joko Widodo (Jokowi) is in line with the acceleration of bureaucratic reforms, one of which is the efficient use of facilities, infrastructure facilities and public servants work.The policy covers three things, namely the efficient use of office facilities, monitoring the use of the facility service vehicles, and standardization of facilities and infrastructure work."The use of a car worth esemka supported. Therefore, the largest component of domestic origin as much as 80 percent, so more efficiently than the budget, "said Eko.He explained, Kemenpan & RB is currently undertaking a rearrangement of facilities and infrastructure work of state officials. One of them encourages the use of a vehicle with a lease. In addition, utilizing the work of the nation itself."Using the work product of the nation will encourage officers to live simply. This is also the implementation of Presidential Instruction No. 5 Year 2004 on Accelerating the Eradication of Corruption, "he said.
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Similar disclosed Secretary of the Ministry of PAN and RB Kinanto affirmation. According to him, the use of cars as official vehicles SMK products should be supported. It's just to go through the testing first. Is it safe to use and really efficient."Do not be until after the set as the official car, but it is not safe and even expensive, because the components are not available.Hence all must pass the test first, "he said.Ministry of Education and Culture through the Directorate of Vocational plans to produce 250 units of SUV type car Eagles, double cabin and mini trucks. Prices range from Rp50 million to Rp125 million.Director of Vocational Guidance, Joko Sutrisno said, ready to work with industry partners in the assembly, component manufacture and sale of this esemka car.To that end, in addition to vocational school on the island of Java, a number of vocational school outside of the island of Java, one of SMK Negeri 2 Medan is preparing to jointly produce cars this esemka. 

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