Saturday, January 14, 2012

Student from Indonesia Create Aircraft

One by one student assembly technology Vocational High School (SMK) appears to the publicAfter carsnow anaircraft.

Students of SMK Negeri 29 Jakarta has issued an airplaneassemblies thereofThe aircraft was named Jabiru J430This aircraft is a form of application skills of vocational studentsmajoring in aviation.

Jabiru J 430 assembly starts mid-September 2011 and will testthe feasibility of flying in late January 2012 in Pondok CabeAirportSouth TangerangBanten.

Using fuel and speed pertamax approximately 130 knotsthe aircraft is capable of reaching distance of Jakarta-Surabaya in three hours with only 80 liters of fuel oil (BBM) pertamaxPrice ofthese aircraft is estimated at Rp1, 3 billion.

Jabiru J430 aircraft is designed for four seats of the pilotco-pilotand two passengersThe size of the aircraft is 9.5 meterswingspan, body length 6.5 meters, and height 2.4 metersThe weight of aircraft weighing 200 kilograms.
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