Thursday, January 12, 2012

Inspiration from Ice Cream Car

Ah, ice cream trucks. What great memories they
 represent from so many people’s childhood years! 
The sound of those distinctive tunes and melodic 
chimes are still guaranteed to send shivers down
 the spine even today. 

(images credit: I Love LuciesThomas Ackroyd34)

The original idea of the ice cream truck was relatively
 simple, that the delicious tasty treats of the ice cream 
parlor are coming directly to you. We still see them
 during the summer months at public events, parks, 
beaches anywhere where crowds of people are likely
 to gather, as well as driving down residential streets
 hoping to entice customers. These examples here at
 Dark Roasted Blend may not be the cream of the crop, 
but they’re certainly some pretty cool pictures.
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(Shane McGill of Muscatine with his 1957 ice cream truck, 
more info; right image via)

(1954 "Good Humor" ice cream truck, image credit: Jack Snell)

Very cute 1954 Morris ice cream van, Plymouth Barbican:

(images credit: Richard & Gill Long)

Fully restored British 1962 Commer Karrier BF van 
(more info):

(image via)

In the early 1920’s, before ice cream trucks and vans, 
the first ice cream bicycles appeared in London. The 
Walls ice cream company expanded their manufacturing 
facilities in 1924 and invested in a fleet of tricycles. 
Annual sales in 1927 are said to have been over £440,000, 
or $US 700,000 at today’s exchange rate,
 but still a huge sum at the time. 

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