Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Terror New York: The mosque, Hindu Dimolotov Site

Imam Al-Khoei Foundation yang diserang di New York (Reuters)

Terror New York: The mosque, Hindu Dimolotov Site
There are four objectives Molotov cocktails, namely, shops, houses, mosques and Hindu worship.
New York Police Department is investigating the case of petrol bomb attack on Sunday, December 1, 2011 night.Including those directed to a mosque contains 75 people, and a place of Hindu worship. There were no injuries or lives in the incident.
Governor of New York, Andrew Cuomo, on Monday signed an order to assist law enforcement investigations by the police of New York City. Governor stresses, such attacks "against what we stand for as a New Yorker and an American".
"Attacks of this kind has no place in our society that is open and inclusive. We have to do it. All we can do to ensure New York remains a safe and tolerant place for all," Cuomo said.
Council on American-Islamic Relations also condemned the action.
Police said the attack occurred during a two-hour cocktails at the Borough of Queens. One bomb exploded in a shop, causing damage. Another bomb was thrown into a dwelling house, occupants escaped the fire that burned in the middle.
The third target is the Imam al-Khoei Foundation, the Shiite organization that provides educational services, funerals, counseling, and pilgrimage.
When attacks occur, there are 75 to 80 worshipers in the mosque. Some of them tried to extinguish the fire that burned the top of the door, until firefighters arrived.
"We do not know who did it, and can not accuse anyone. Let the police handle it," said Imam, Maan Alsahlani, as published by Reuters Tuesday, January 3, 2012.
He added that this is the first attack against the mosque. "Even after the events of September 11, none of those who attacked this place," said Alsahlani refers to the tension after the devastating terror.
Council on American-Islamic Relations and the Islamic human rights advocates asked the police to improve security at the mosque. "Attacks on houses of worship in this country should be condemned by all Americans. And it must be investigated and prosecuted using all the resources of existing law," said a spokesman for the Council on American-Islamic Relations, Ibrahim Hooper said in a statement.
Meanwhile, the fourth attack occurred in a house that is holding Hindu rites.
Although not catch the perpetrators. Police already have a clue.The suspect alleged bomber was a man driving a silver-colored sport utility vehicles. He uses a kind of Molotov cocktails at three targets: use glass bottles, containers Frappuccino, Starbucks.

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