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Bali sacred objects falling into the Western Italian


Evidence sacred objects in Bali (Peni Widarti / VIVAnews) 

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VIVAnews - Hundreds pratima or sacred objects allegedly stolen Badung district police officer successfully secured from the hands of nationals of Italy, Roberto Gamba (50), at the Villa Marisa, Jalan Kerobokan Bumbuk Bandung.

Roberto is also a collector initially suspected by the local community who saw in the many stores pratima villa.

"Inside we found lots of antiques, especially pratima," Bandung police chief said Dwi Suseno AKBP.

In the villa are found around 110 pratima various types and sizes, along with dozens of antique keris hilt sheath, fiber or palm reading sanskrit letters allegedly hundreds of years old, a single palm is made of copper, as well as one sack of coins there are an estimated native approximately 35 thousand, there are even some gold-plated statues.

From the recognition of Roberto, he was getting those goods from local residents, among others, Nyoman of Nusa Penida, Nusa Penida Made, Komang Oka Sukawati Gianyar origin as well as sellers who hung in the art shop in Kerobokan and Gadu Tabanan. Apart from Bali, these objects also got from Ciputat area of Jakarta.

"He bought pratima with low prices, ranging between 500 thousand to Rp 1 million. Indeed strong evidence, if he was receiver, for sure we understood better still, "he said.

Roberto Gamba pratima own claim to have collected since 2006. From his confession he did not know that these things are sacred items (a statue) is in the temple. One fruit pratima estimated its value reached 200 million, so if ditotal pratima found its value reaches around Rp20 billion.

Earlier in a few months ago, there were three temples are broken into a thief, namely Khayangan Three Pura, Pura Yangapi, and Pura Dalem Samprangan in Banjar Village Samprangan Samprangan Herzliya.

Report: Peni Widarti | Bali

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