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Hunting for 'A Thousand Months' at the End of Ramadan

Hunting for 'A Thousand Months' at the End of Ramadan 
Last nights of Ramadan, the number of pilgrims who prostrated themselves therein increases.

Beritikaf on the night of Ramadan (Surabaya Post)VIVAnews - Sleep began to attack as the clock on the wall of the Great Mosque of Singapore (MAS) shows at 0:15, early morning. Some people looked thoughtfully cross-legged in the middle of the room, holding their fingers to play a series of beads.
There is also the resting his back against the wall with the white-painted. But, some other passengers are choosing closed his eyes for a moment and lay the body.
The silence was broken at precisely 1:00. Mosque loudspeakers announced the 30 minutes will be a series of evening prayers. It is expected that all the pilgrims soon ablutions.
Promptly at 1:30, the main room MAS incandescent lights extinguished. Takbir voice any sign of Prayer begins tonight reverb. Back quiet atmosphere, absorption of pilgrims dressed when he heard the holy verses of Al Quran in every cycles of prayers.
That's a little picture of activity in the MAS are routinely prostrated themselves therein held on 10 last day of Ramadan. Although this activity started at midnight and ended at dawn, which usually continues with a morning prayer service, getting closer to Lebaran, add too many pilgrims.
To note, prostrated themselves therein in etymology (language) means something and refrain honor him. While the terminology (terms), means a person settled in the mosque with the aim of drawing nearer to God in a certain way. Follow the sunna of the Prophet prostrated themselves therein most done in the last ten of Ramadan.
According to several people who run it, though had to fight the sleepiness, but prostrated themselves therein always gives a different pleasure in Ramadan. This is justified, Andaru Syahruddin, one of the pilgrims MAS.

MAS prostrated themselves therein in a different, although there were prayers in congregation but the absorption of the night still felt, especially if the prayer lights turned off, the more felt pleasure, "he said.
Andaru admitted to intentionally find the time to be with his wife beriktikaf in MAS. Employees of private banks in the region Embong Malang said, this is the first time he enjoys Ramadan with his wife and wants to worship with special.
MAS was chosen because it is considered safe and comfortable. "Car parking area and close. So do not worry, "he said.
Similar disclosed other pilgrims, Midianto. This middle-aged men also came to the MAS with his family. "Here, in addition to convenient parking lot, there are many traders around the mosque complex. So while waiting for the time prostrated themselves therein, can all eat-eat first, "says this resident of Wisma Permai. These conditions make the second reason, was not reluctant to follow his parents into the MAS to beriktikaf.
Nevertheless, she admitted she also likes to move around the mosque prostrated themselves therein. For example in Sunan Ampel mosque, but because parking is too far a distance, he must consider the weather. "If the rain can be dangerous, so to another mosque. Among ever I select the Kemayoran, Al Falah or here, "he said.
Last nights of Ramadan, the number of pilgrims who prostrated themselves therein growing. On the odd nights, the numbers are estimated at 1,000 people from a total capacity of around 25,000 pilgrims. MAS party itself has become prostrated themselves therein become an annual routine agenda when Ramadan comes.
MAS prepares beriktikaf pilgrims needs. For example for the congregational prayers there were two priests, to pray tarawih and prayers tonight. In addition, because many are waiting until the morning prayer, the MAS also provides a meal for the pilgrims.
"It is difficult to predict how many pilgrims who will attend, but we always prepare more. What is important pilgrims comfortable, "said Muhammad Djaelani, Deputy Director of MAS. He said that, at least twenty-one began the night of Ramadan the number of pilgrims who perform about 500 people prostrated themselves therein.
This amount is inversely proportional to the pilgrims who perform the prayer tarawih. General congregational prayer tarawih more early in the month of fasting, but tended to decrease at the end of the month. While the number of pilgrims who perform ikhtikaf even increased at the end of Ramadan. "If the odd nights, especially nights 27 or 29 in number could reach 1,500 people," he said.
The pilgrims prostrated themselves therein generally begin arriving after tarawih prayer until just before midnight. Not a few who initially did tarawih prayers in other mosques, but to continue iktikafnya in MAS.
Although facilitating the pilgrims to perform the congregation prostrated themselves therein, it does not limit the pilgrims who want to do personally prostrated themselves therein. "So it can be divided into two prostrated themselves therein. There are personal, there is a congregation, "said Helmy Noor, Public Relations of the MAS.24 HoursHelmy MAS states parties to open the mosque 24 hours a day when the last nights in Ramadan. In contrast to the days usually, the main room at 23.00 and closed the mosque recently opened back by 3:00 o'clock the next morning.
Regarding congregational prayers tonight, MAS invites people to run tahajud four cycles, four cycles of prayer beads, and prayer hajad two cycles.
Something similar looks at Al Falah mosque in Surabaya. On the last night of Ramadan pilgrims prostrated themselves therein also doing more and more. But because the parties did not enter the mosque congregational prayers, the people freed to do their own evening prayers."We do not hold prayers in congregation, because we want to provide freedom for the pilgrims to perform prostrated themselves therein in accordance with his own desires," said Sigit Prasetyo, chief of Al Falah Foundation.
He said that pilgrims who want to do prostrated themselves therein normally come after the prayer tarawih. Each night before the end of Ramadan, people in this mosque beriktikaf reached 500 people. This amount can be increased by two to three times as much if the odd night.
"If the odd night could reach one thousand five hundred, the street in front of the mosque was filled with vehicles of the pilgrims," he said.
Party foundations also provide meal for the pilgrims who prostrated themselves therein at Al Falah mosque. Because, the pilgrims prostrated themselves therein normally do not leave the mosque after morning prayers ended.
"There also are from corporate coming together. So they prostrated themselves therein immediately after the open car and meal together and gentlemen, "he said.
Cheng Hoo Mosque is also a favorite place of citizens of Surabaya prostrated themselves therein. According to Achmad Syaukanie Ong, one of the founders of Yayasan Haji Muhammad Cheng Hoo, it does not do special preparation. "Formally, there is no, but there are also pilgrims do. But for the congregation does not exist, "he said.
The reason no other because prostrated themselves therein is a more personal nature worship. So if done alone so kekhusyukannya higher level.
While in Ampel Mosque complex, located in Sunan Ampel ruins, pilgrims who came to prostrated themselves therein come from various cities. Among others, Pasuruan, Jember, Malang, Mojokerto and Gresik. There was even willing to Semarang pilgrims coming home from the date of August 30 which coincides with the 21 odd nights of Ramadan.
According to Muhammad Soleh, one of Pasuruan pilgrims who came with his entourage of about 20 people, chosen because it has an aura Ampel mosque karomah that can not be felt in other mosques. "In Ampel is different. Aura is created makes the mind calm. We can be more concentration of worship without any thought of worldly life for a moment. All also for pilgrimage, "he said.
Similar disclosed by Rozikin, one of the pilgrims from Semarang. "I have since the night of 21 already in Ampel. Departure from Semarang by train two days earlier. Yes, the intent to hunt Laylat Qodar, "ungkapmya. Male 40 years, said he would stay at the complex of Sunan Ampel eat up to 29 nights of Ramadan. For the affairs of the inn she did not give a damn. He will sleep in the tomb complex as well.
To conduct worship in Ampel, say do not need an expensive cost. He just brings money to Rp 300,000 for transportation and eat and drink while in Surabaya. By pursuing the reward, he said, he willingly left his family for a moment. Like a car, every year he took time to "off machine" in Ampel.
Ustad Rusdi Fahmi, a key one in the tomb of Sunan Ampel admits that many pilgrims spent the night in the mosque. "We deliberately let the pilgrims to sleep in the mosque when the night and who want to jointly conduct prostrated themselves therein," he said.
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