Thursday, September 2, 2010

The Majority of the Public Expressed Disapproval if SBY Served as President for Three Periods

Jakarta. The majority of the public expressed disapproval if SBY served as president for three periods. Indo Barometer survey shows, 51.6 percent public disapproval of the idea was confirmed, while 36.7 percent agree-disagree publicly admitted it. The rest did not know the answer.

"The majority of people do not agree if the President appointed three periods. Although the agreement is also quite big," said Director of Indo Barometer M. Qodari in the release of the survey at Hotel Atlet Century Park, Thursday (09/02/2010).

If distributed in certain categories, of course the majority of Democrats supported Yudhoyono became president again for the third time. Supporters of other parties do not agree.

Based on the distribution of educational level category looks interesting. A maximum of only public elementary school graduate or equivalent balanced. Approximately 41.1 percent agreed while 42.3 percent disagreed.

Meanwhile, the educated public secondary schools and universities agreed to disagree. However, a more interesting fact in the distribution of income by category. The majority of the public who earn less than USD 600 000 in fact could not agree if Yudhoyono became president for a third time. Meanwhile, those who earn more than USD 600 000 to more than USD 2.25 million agreed to disagree.

"It is very interesting as well, compared to other professions that do not agree SBY up to be president again, the majority of teachers SBY wants to be president for the third time," added Qodari.

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