Friday, September 3, 2010

3 Wheel Car Crazy Power

yubhan Akib - detikOto
3Wheel car Crazy Power, 
Jakarta - The competition to make a cool-looking electric vehicles seem all the stronger. Manufacturers of automotive racing world seemed to create an environmentally friendly car but has a performance which is no less fierce.Epic is a company called Electric Vehicles which recently showed a sporty car with electric power supply called Torq.Three-wheeled vehicle that has Wheelbase 11 inches long, according to his official site is a sporty vehicle that is able to stimulate the adrenaline of the rider.For power supply of Lithium Iron Phosphate batteries are pinned, two-seater vehicle that is supported by single-speed transmission is capable of no small labor force that is reaching more than 200 hp.With the power of Torq to appear confident even in competition against sport-utility vehicles and other unique cars such KTM X-Bow.Torq has a dimension to their dimensions 48x87x162 inches (TxLxP) Ground Clearance-high with five ichi. Dimension is a unique look when combined with a unique vehicle design with sharp lines and a glimpse of a robot similar to the car. (

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