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Sukarno Create U.S. President knees

Bung Karno growled. Ike tried to seduce him, "Please release pilotku". But Sukarno still furious. Perhaps also because the flatter Sukarno was Ike, an old man. Ike is a nickname D. Dwight Eisenhower, U.S. president at that time. This time Americans do get the stone.

State Digdaya Indonesia was contrived embarrassed when the pilot, Allen Pope was shot down on the island of Morotai. More embarrassed again, as with the capture of the pilot, the U.S. cover and the CIA finally open. Guise that proves the U.S. through the CIA was playing with fire with his adventures behind the separatist rebellion in Indonesia. It also includes a U.S. infiltrating arming the rebels. It's what makes Bung Karno growled, and began to play one's trump card.

Bung Karno was dikerjai America, now back work on America. Bung Karno aware, the arrest of Allen Pope boost Indonesia's bargaining position in the face of America. The next story is how Ike and John F. Kennedy made a fuss.
This is the historic moment when Indonesia's poor for the first time have a high bargaining power in the face of "rich owners", American.

Bung Karno not just sue the U.S. must apologize. But still there are a series of other requests that make America "forward hit back hit". Eisenhower asked Indonesia releases pilot Allen Pope. But Bung Karno would not release it with free. The pilot is his trump card.

Allen Pope

This is the story of how the Bung Karno with anger "neck pinned Allen Pope" as he forefinger beckoned Americans want knelt at the foot of Bung Karno (of course this is only a symbol theatrical).

Hanging Allen Pope! Legal Allen Pope die! Once the wave of protests in front of U.S. embassy in Jakarta after Allen Pope caught. in 1958 it. Rakyat Indonesia is made up of blood by the behavior of Allen Pope. Because the pilot was already dropped the bomb in Ambon who ate no less casualties.

In the middle of the hot atmosphere, friends, or Gunter Mas Tok Soekarnoputra not stop jammed with questions about the pilot Allen Pope.
Bung Karno conversation with his eldest son related it, many expressed a variety of sources. But there are actually more important behind the conversation between President Sukarno and Mas Tok following ... ..

Bung Karno was in the shower. Mas Tok are still teenagers banging on the bathroom door. Can not wait. Due to continued pounding on the door, peered briefly Bung Karno. "What tho Mas Tok? Mr. unfinished bath. "

Once the door is open, Mas Tok grabbed his father by asking, "Bener exemption is not it Mr. Allen Pope exchanged with Hercules ransom?". Mas Tok was impatient to get know the answer. At that time he also must have leaked the answer. It was previously among his friends, they already whispering gossip justify it. Mas Tok so hot as well. Because as a child of Bung Karno, he should know better than his friends.

Mas Tok's curious that do not have to wait a long time waiting for his father replied. Question Mas Tok was immediately struck by his father's distinctive laugh. Thundering, "hahahahaha ... ... let alone America's love for Mr Hercules. If the Americans send a plane again, I'll tell you another shot. As the ransom, Mr'm Marilyn Monroe and Ava Gardner. "

That's typical humor Bung Karno. Quirky humor of a statesman. How Bung Sukarno joked with colleagues politician everyday, not much different from his joke with her children. Mas Tok and her sisters had memorized his father's tradition. Basic Bung Karno!
But behind the jokes actually, maybe even Bung Karno and Mas Tok itself was not yet aware of something. That is the aftermath of Indonesia's bargaining position before, Bung Karno has begun a new milestone in the birth history for the Air Force fleet, namely the birth of Hercules squadron in Indonesia. This fleet will also have a stake in West Papua from the Dutch win.
It all started from the back and forth negotiations for the release of a pilot who makes America nervous. How could I not? Because if not rescued immediately, the pilot might open the mouth of confidential information relating to the CIA game.

First attack to the Palace Maukar's rumored fiance due to Bung Karno tempt the pilot.
The next rumor hit the Bung Karno again. That exemption pilot Allen Pope rumored since Bung Karno seduced by the wife of Pope, who accidentally imported from America.

Sounds like cheap gossip. But wait! History sometimes tinged cheap gossip, and leads to results that are not cheap. It is said that the name high-level political intrigue. Intrigue that uses the weaknesses of Bung Karno. The weakness especially if it's not about women? Just because Bung Karno womanizer ... ..

Bung Karno was womanizer. But the party's anti Bung Karno sometimes manipulate this side of excess. Just as the CIA's use of his weakness don yuan Bung Karno to derail the president of Indonesia in the eyes of its people. Dropping the Bung Karno was the only way for America may remain strong in Indonesia. 've Tried every way for Bung Karno fall, did not work as well. Tried by the threat of embargo, cessation of aid ... .. ehhh Bung Karno even shouted, "Go to hell with your aid!".

Eventually the CIA to use other means. Namely infiltration into various rebellions in Indonesia. The peak occurred in the battle on the island of Morotai, in 1958. When the TNI (army marines, shock troops AU, and AD) Permesta storm, rebellion movement in North Sulawesi.
Permesta weapons can not be taken lightly. Because there are weapons of external assistance. At first allegations that the CIA is the culprit of all this is still supposition. When a Navy destroyer and mustang AU launched its attack, a plane on fire falling Permesta.
Before the fall, there are two parachutes that seem to expand out of the plane. Parachute was caught in a coconut tree. TNI immediately arrested two people. One was named Harry Rantung Permesta member. And the unexpected, the other American Caucasians. That the pilot Allen Pope. From the documents seized, Allen Pope revealed related to CIA operations. That is to infiltrate the insurgency movement in Indonesia to overthrow Sukarno.Inevitably, allegations that the CIA was the mastermind American separatist rebellion, not a figment!
Event capture of Allen Pope was a slap to America. That may be represented in the sentence Allan Pope when caught. After B-26 plane that dropped dipilotinya mustang beaten Air Force and Navy destroyer, Pope comments: "Usually my country who win, but this time you guys that win." After that he still had time to ask for cigarettes.
itu dia masih sempat minta rokok.

B-26 shoot

But actually a disgrace that more Americans are not about to lose the Pope said earlier. But the arrest of Allan Pope reveal the dirty game the U.S. to overthrow Sukarno. Americans continue to deny ngeyel. But the evidence that there is, finally silenced American.
Dirty tactics that became international gossip. Without forgiveness, Vizard America with his CIA successfully opened Indonesia, complete with evidence of a landslide. American was forced to turn 180 degrees to be good at Soekarno. All CIA operations to shake the Bung Karno (temporarily) stopped.
Americans trying desperately to ask pilots released. Any way began to be done to take care of Bung Karno. Eisenhower invited Sukarno to the U.S. in June 1960. Then Sukarno also invited John Kennedy in April 1961. Behind all the diplomatic excuse about the visit, can not be denied that all the aftermath of the Bung Karno how to play his cards against the Americans.
During that period, Bung Karno playing tug with the release of Pope. Tug was walking a lot. Because the Bung Karno averse releasing Pope granted. Bung Karno deliberately linger "squeeze the neck" before the U.S. Pope Allan yes to his request of Indonesia. American dead lice. There was no other way. Negotiations were immediately begun. Tough negotiations that took 4 years, before finally Allen Pope truly free.
Beginning with Ike or Eisenhower who cajole, seduce and invite Bung Karno to America. But after that Bung Karno still refused to submit set-set Ike. The situation began to change slightly softened after switching to the U.S. presidency of John F. Kennedy.

Soekarno with John F Kennedy
John Kennedy knew, Sukarno very strong personality and hated in-dictation. Therefore, with the friendship he was able to "embrace" of Sukarno. "Kennedy was the American president who really understands me", said Bung Karno.With John, negotiations began to point to a bright spot. Regarding the same time, John sends his brother Robert Kennedy to Jakarta. Robert brings a number of missions, including: "Pope freed."
ebaskan Pope”.

Robert Kennedy and His Wife(behind Soekarno)
It is said that when it also sends America the beautiful wife of Allen Pope. Calculations, beautiful woman capable of heartbreaking Bung Karno. This is the origin of outstanding issues that Bung Karno seduced wife Allen Pope. Which not many people mentioned, namely the mother and sister also came to Allen Pope pleaded with cries for mercy Bung Karno.Create Bung Karno, the pilot was released or not released, same result. That does not make the sacrifices the pilots could bomb back to life. So why not take advantage of American fears that shriveled only if the pilot opening your mouth?
Bung Karno play one's trump card on the basis of what is required of Indonesia at that time. Indonesia really miserable and hungry, so take the money and rice. Indonesia was fighting against the Dutch to win the West Irian. So it took a weapon, a number of tools of war and combat fleet.
Request Bung Karno was certainly not conveyed by way of begging. But in a way that dragged the U.S. to make diplomatic interpretation. Inevitably, Sukarno made a diplomatic gesture Americans should be able to read between the lines behind it was written.Compared aka Ike Eisenhower, John Kennedy was more sensitive to read the hint. That meant that John Kennedy's Bung Karno understand him. Kennedy did not just simply invite Bung Karno to America to plesiran. But also there is real follow behind the invitation was diplomatic.
John understands Indonesia needs the war to wrest West Irian. Among other fighter fleet. Bung Karno therefore invited to visit the Lockheed aircraft factory in Burbank, California. There Bung Karno dbantu in the purchase of 10 Hercules aircraft type B, consisting of 8 cargo and 2 tankers.

Lockheed, Burbank, California.
Negotiating the release of Allen Pope between Ike and the Bung Karno was tough. But so slippery way with John. He is not stingy replied "good" Bung Karno meeting U.S. demand to free Allen Pope.

Allen Pope on trial
The result? Hercules from America, became the forerunners of the birth of Hercules for the Air Force fleet (a fleet that will enter the battle to seize West Papua). Bung Karno could make the U.S. stop the embargo. Then inject funds into Indonesia. 37,000 tons of rice are also hundreds of weapons and tools of war. Requirement that all is in accordance with the conditions in Indonesia at that time.
It turns out this way is called a high-level negotiations. Finally, Allen Pope was freed in secret by a secret mission at a dawn, February 1962. Negotiations were entirely course meal costs are not small. Who should pay for all this? It is said Permesta account should pay compensation due to the negotiations. Had heard rumors that the road by pass Cawang-Tanjung Priok and Hotel Indonesia Roundabout long in HI Thamrin, is a form of redress that. True? Wallahualam.Unfortunately Bung Karno intimate relationship with the United States ended after Kennedy was assassinated in 1963. Kennedy assassination to make the CIA again freely the old dream which had been halted. That continues to shake the chair of Bung Karno, until the Son of the Dawn is finally completely immersed. We all know how the final episode.
Source: http://malemminggu.wordpress.com/2010/09/20/ketika-amerika-serikat-terpaksa-tunduk-kepada-indonesia/

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