Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Navy Ship Arrest Malaysian Flag Ship.

Headline News[Tuesday, September 28, 2010] 
Navy Ship Arrest Malaysian flag fish 
NUNUKAN - Task Force Navy Marine Base (Lanal) Nunukan who served in the border region Sebatik, East Kalimantan, again securing a unit of Malaysian-flagged fishing vessel. Motor boat had violated Indonesian border.

According Danlanal Nunukan Marine Lieutenant Colonel (P) Rachel Jayaram, the ship named Arasia the magnitude 5 GT with engine 25 PK. The ship was secured by the task force when entering the territorial waters of Indonesia, precisely in the Village Bambangan, Sebatik, Sunday (26 / 9) at around 6:15 pm. Only, the officers found no evidence the ship was catching fish.
Rachel explained that the ship was carrying three crew (ABK). They named Ibn Saleh, Nadlin, and Aslan. They are residents of Malaysia. They secured the Mako Lanal Nunukan and the case was reported to the center.
By inspection, the shipmaster Ibn Saleh said that Arasia not catch fish. They claim that time looking for his companion, Najin, who boarded another ship in damaged condition.
"Weather conditions in the waters of the Coral Unarang (Malaysia region, Red) are now screwed. Strong winds, no rain, and big waves. My friend, his ship is damaged. Therefore, we searched and finally lost to Indonesia," said Ibn Saleh told Radar Tarakan (Java Post Group).
Danlanal explained, Ibn Saleh et al Bambangan asked residents about their ship's position. Residents informed that the ship is in the region Sebatik, Indonesia.
In addition to the arrest of the ship Arasia, throughout August and September, KRI Sultan Hasanuddin-366 secures six Malaysian fishing boat. Four ships of whom were arrested in the waters of the Coral Sea that are in ZEEI Unarang (Indonesian Exclusive Economic Zone) in late August. Then, on 14 September and KRI Hasanuddin-366 capture two Malaysian fishing boats in waters around the same.KRI know that the ships were located in coastal area of Indonesia. When approached, the vessel is moving charge in the form of fish catches to the Malaysian-flagged container ship. Apart from fish found stolen, the ships will not have a fishing license in Indonesia's marine area. (Ica/jpnn/c11/ari)

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