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Be careful of invisibility has circulated handpone

Be careful of invisibility has circulated handpone
A beautiful woman (sorry) out of the pool to swim naked. He strolled casually, without looking uncomfortable walking around the pool toward the seats that line the shore. Not long ago, a teenage girl faced with posture nude innocent little run across to the dressing room after the swim. The women who look 'naked' was not a madman. They are also not the exhibitionist who likes to show naked bodies.
Indeed they were wearing swimsuits. However, their body looks naked only victim of the technological sophistication of a camera-mounted see-through mobile (HP). Swimsuit they wear it becomes perfect material that can be penetrated by infrared rays. Xray camera phones with built-in that allows the women looked in vain to cover her body with clothes swimming or gymnastics are generally made from synthetic materials.
Camera invisibility that works on ink, synthetic materials such as bathing suits, leotard, original silk (silk original). But it does not work on other materials such as nylon, cotton and jeans. No system on / off to Xray, so HP will always be a state of invisibility on, but only affects the synthetic material. Target is widely available in a swimming pool, gym / fitness, party, dancer.
It is not difficult to get the 'naughty' is. Even in an ad that clearly posted on a website. Equipped with the tariff modifications required for each HP. The cost, at least one million dollars for this type of Nokia 3660 and Sonny Ericson K500. For a more sophisticated HP specifications, such as Nokia 9500 or the O2 XDA, required a fee of two million dollars. HP will be overhauled, so forget about HP's warranty for any future problems.
Devotees are not small. According to Edu, sellers such devices, HP translucent enthusiasts come from all walks of life. "The price is not it not too expensive, but who bought it had no intention of ignorant right. Every day there! Who buy," he added with a laugh According to him, most enthusiasts HP types were indeed men. Their target is clear, telescoped women in public swimming pools and a gym or fitness. Because in that place, the womenfolk are using fabric that makes it possible to penetrate to the skin surface.
"Technology does indeed insane if controlled by people who do not have a certain character," commented an observer of information technology, Ono W Purbo bluntly, Friday (10/06). In fact, infrared technology was used to penetrate the skin barrier layer is only used in military technology.
"The technology is usually used in nighttime surveillance. Put simply, infra-red will capture heat from the body. So, the body will be obvious even in the dark," he explained. But the developing world, such technology is used for things that make women as victims.
Is Rich Special Optics, Inc., a Japanese company which introduced product called the "Infrared See Through Filter PF". Companies that specialize in optical equipment for 30 years it produced a tool that can penetrate behind the surface of the object view. Basically, what people see is the reflection of light that represents a limited part of the electromagnetic spectrum. There are requirements that must be met for an object can be seen a normal human eye, namely wavelength. Infrared radiation is invisible to normal human eye because their wavelengths are not eligible. Plastic is a material that can deflect incoming infrared radiation into visible waves classification.
While swimming and gymnastics clothes made of synthetic material that factory is basically plastic. Consequently, if the infrared light imposed on the synthetic surface, it will distort the wave in accordance with the requirements of the normal eye. Furthermore, the reflection surface of the skin behind the clothes made from synthetic will be obvious. The freedom to swim in a public place or a practice gym at the fitness center to be taken away. HP is equipped with these devices can be used at any time in a public place without being overly suspicious. Activity recording and then stored in a memory card is not a complicated thing. Spread more easily again. Data transfer is supported by the ease of technology, enjoyed by most owners of HP.
Audience is also not small. "I'm still happy-happy wrote if you have such a file. Moreover, a free," said Agus, a private worker. Ownership of devices is certainly legal. But the problem is when technology is turned into terror that interfere with normal activities. While legal mechanisms too far behind advances in technology! which opened the scope for intimidation.
If mode hidden cameras in public toilets or changing rooms can be a bit tricked. The attitude of caution and be alert to any suspicious spots before using these public spaces. However, the presence of HP see-through hidden cameras do not like HP is not seen striking because the modification will not produce a perceptible difference physically. That is, public swimming pool is no longer a pleasant place to exercise or recreation relieve fatigue.
Technology is like a double-edged knife. Usefulness can be profitable at the same time disturbing others, but, when the utilization harm some people, there will be a reaction that appears. "However, the control mechanism is the community," said Onno. With the breadth of information to the public, but not impossible would be a reaction.
Giant companies from Japan, Sonny, eventually stop producing x-ray camcorders and take back products that have been released on the market. The need for the good name of a big company makes Sonny take the losers if viewed from the side of a production economy. [HRD - Derli]
Be careful gals ..
Watch Out! In Jakarta've not no private life anymore. When you are outside the home, note the following:
1. Do not carelessly dispose of water (large / small) in the bathroom that is not obvious (gas stations, public lavatories mall / plaza, wc hotel etc).
2. Do not engage in sexual activity (kissing, touch, feel, etc.) inside the vehicle.
3. Be careful when talking about people in public transportation or tell a secret (for example, if you carry large sums of money to a friend.)
4. Try not to wear clothing / pants / skirt of synthetic materials.
Explanations for the points:
1. Hidden-camera (mini-camera) is currently sold freely in Glodok and the price is cheap once per packet. The amount of coins only Rp.50, - long. And it can be installed anywhere and can be seen clearly the result; (Price Rp.125.000,-an)
2. Camera phones and digital cameras, in Glodok already can be upgraded to be able to see translucent like glass eye lens James Bond; (Price Rp. 1,000,000,-an)
3. There is a bug-shaped ear-phones sounds are also sold in Glodok to openly voice bugged as far as 20 meters. (Rp 175,000,-an)
4. Lens that is upgraded to a camera phone or digi-cam can penetrate the fabric made from synthetic, so to see someone look naked. (Ditto the same number 2) *

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