Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Obama will Use Helicopters To the UI

Demi Obama,  Pagi-pagi Buta Rela ke Parkir Timur Senayan
President of the United States (U.S.) today Barack Obama will visit a number of places. Especially for events at the University of Indonesia (UI), Obama will use a helicopter.
"Going to the UI using a helicopter. The Garden Tomb by land routes. But do not know where yet," the officer said Jakarta Police Traffic Management Centre, Bripda Yeri, told AFP on Wednesday (10/11/2010).
Prior to the UI, the plan Obama will advance to the Istiqlal Mosque. "Traffic flow from the Hotel Shangri La will be sterilized until Obama to the Istiqlal," he added.
According Yeri, the sterilization process starts at 6:30 pm. When the entourage passed, will force the system open-close on the link that is traversed Obama.
"Sterilization imposed by the system open and closed until the procession passed the group," he explained.
Meanwhile, Obama is related agenda after a visit to Masjid Istiqlal not yet certain. According Yeri there is no definite information on whether Obama will be the first Kalibata Heroes Mahkam Park or to the Campus UI Depok.
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