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Sunda Strait Bridge want to compete with the famous Golden Gate.

Compared Sunda Strait and Bridge Golden Gate U.S.Sunda Strait Bridge want to compete with the famous Golden Gate.
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Construction of the Sunda Strait Bridge (JSS) is expected to become icons of the world, can even rival the famous Golden Gate Bridge in California, USA.
The reason, the Sunda Strait Bridge was built in the present, so the more modern technology used, different from the Golden Gate was built in the early 19th century.
According to Deputy Minister of Public Works Herman Dardak believe JSS can be proud because it was built on the present. Moreover, the JSS is the longest bridge in the world.
Do you know what the difference between the Golden Gate Bridge plan Sunda Strait. Below are some differences in both.
Sunda Strait Bridge is located in the Sunda Strait, connecting the two large islands of Java and Sumatra.
While the Golden Gate Bridge which connects the area of California San Francisco and Marin County.
The length and width
Sunda Strait Bridge will be built with a length of 29 kilometers across the Strait of Sunda from Anyer beach in the region until the region Bakauheni. The width of the bridge is estimated that 60 square meters, consisting of 2x3 lanes of traffic, and 2x1 emergency lane. The bridge is equipped with a double track (double track) railroad, gas pipelines, oil pipelines, fiber optic cable, and power cables.
Golden Gate Bridge has a total length of 2.7 kilometers with a width of 27.4 meters. Consisting of 6 tracks, which are also used for pedestrians and bicycles.
Construction period
Sunda Strait Bridge is expected to be built starting 2013 or 2014 by the technicians of Indonesia and was completed in 2020. It is estimated that this development takes 6-7 years.
While the Golden Gate Bridge was built from 1933-1937 or take 4 years. Laying the first stone made on January 5, 1933 with a festive celebration, and attended by 100 thousand people.
Development and initial feasibility study was initiated by PT Bangungraha Sejahtera Mulia, Arta Graha Group company. Furthermore, the construction will be funded by a private consortium which is expected to join after completion of a feasibility study. The government hopes that state and local enterprises are also involved private partners. It is estimated that this project required the funds Rp140 trillion.
Development of the Golden Gate just did not use government funds at all, but rather to the issuance of bonds amounting to U.S. $ 35 million. Guarantee bond in the form of homes, farms, and businesses owned by residents around the bridge.
The main contractor was originally conceived Bangungraha Sejahtera PT Mulia, Arta Graha group companies. Subsequently invited to join the private consortium to build this bridge together. Several companies expressed interest in the PT Jasa Marga Tbk, which will handle the highway and PLN participating in building the network.
Golden Gate Development done by 9 main contractor for the duration of the process.
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